things to do in Lima Ohio

20 fun and best things to do in Lima Ohio

Welcome to Lima, in the Allen County, Ohio, United States county seat. This Midwest City is home to a diverse but welcoming set of people.


The fewer than 40,000 people population makes it one of the State’s smaller cities. Lima has got beautiful parks, thrilling nightlife, and intriguing museums.

There is plenty of fun activities from sunrise to sunset.


Here are some fun and best things to do in Lima Ohio, if you find yourself in the city:

1. Allen County Farm Park

things to do in Lima Ohio
Image Source: Allen County Farm Park
Allen County Farm Park

Located at 1582 Slabtown Rd, Lima, OH 45801, United States, is Allen County Farm Park, this park has a verdant field where you can go horseback riding or hayrides.

A fun festival in Allen County Farm Park is the biennial Apple Festival, where you try out several apple products that the local firm in Lima produces.

2. Veterans Freedom Flag Monument

things to do in Lima Ohio
Image Source: uawfreedomflag
Veterans Freedom Flag Monument

Veterans Freedom Flag Monument is considered one of the most visited locations in Lima, OH. Here five towers are arranged to create the flag of the United States. Each represents the five branches of the US Armed Forces; Coast Guard, Army, Navy, Marine, and Air Force.


It’s meant to celebrate the past, present, and future veterans who fought to maintain US freedom. It was dedicated in 2019 by the UAW local 2075 Veterans Committee. The Veterans Freedom Flag Monument has 64 boulders, symbolizing the 64 wars and conflicts the US has been part of.

This Monument is located at 1161 Buckeye Rd, Lima, OH 45804.

3. Johnny Appleseed Metropolitan

Image Source: Johnny Appleseed Metropolitan Park District-Office
Johnny Appleseed Metropolitan

Johnny Appleseed Metropolitan is the headquarters of naturalists and rangers who run the different parks dotting Lima and its surrounding areas.


It might sound like a boring place, but I bet it’s not. Trails, trees, nature exhibits, and other nearby parks surround the facility.

Although only a few activities happening here in the park, no matter your age, you have a lot of fun things to learn about rescue animals, local flora and fauna, and facts about the park under their supervision.

4. Lippincott Bird Sanctuary

things to do in Lima Ohio
Image Source: Lippincott Bird Sanctuary
Lippincott Bird Sanctuary

In 1998, Bill Lippincott donated the land the Lippincott Bird Sanctuary inhabited to the Park District. He was a former forester for the city of Lima, who would talk about nature and trees with anyone who cared to listen.


In Lippincott Bird Sanctuary, guests have numerous activities, such as bird walks, bird banding, walking through the autumn series, butterfly walks, and others.

Traveling the route, you will appreciate the wide variety of ecosystems, including meadows, grassland, forest, and wetland regions, home to several species of animals, birds, amphibians, and reptiles.

5. Hidden Creek Golf Club

things to do in Lima Ohio
Image Source: Hidden Creek Golf Club
Hidden Creek Golf Club

Hidden Creek Golf Club is an 18 holes golf course accessible to the public.


Golf lovers will find this spot interesting. Also, beginners have space to learn how to play the game. Some amenities and facilities will guarantee an excellent game for every player.

In hidden creek golf club, you can’t run out of fun with the restaurant and bar, golfing equipment shops, and spacious pavilions.

The Young Family owns and maintains this facility at 6245 Sugar Creek Rd, Lima, OH 45801.


6. The Historical Society and Museum

things to do in Lima Ohio
Image Source: Allen County Historical Society and Museum
The Historical Society and Museum

One of the most visited locations in Allen County is The historical society and Museum.

Here is the place to learn about the rich history of this region. When you visit, remember to explore the railroad history of Lima. The museum has a historic train that still operates. This train carries Children and adults around the museum.

Macdonnell House is another captivating exhibition in the museum. It is a Victorian structure with beautiful carved furnished frames, historical artifacts, and stained glass windows.

There must be more than a day to tour this museum as other exciting attractions exist.

The address is 620 W Market St, Lima, OH 45801.

7. McLean Teddy Bear Park

things to do in Lima Ohio
Image Source: McLean Teddy Bear Park
McLean Teddy Bear Park

Looking for fun and best things to do in Lima Ohio? Then the McLean Teddy Bear Park close to Johnny Appleseed Metropolitan Park District Office is a perfect spot. The park was named in memory of R.A McLean, who was fond of giving teddy bears to children in Allen County Hospitals.

This well-maintained and beautiful facility has many excellent spots to relax and have a great time with family, friends, and colleagues.

It has little ponds to fish with Kids and friends without a fishing license.

This park has various winding trails for walks, featuring beautiful trees and chattering bird whispers.

The Maple Syrup Festival is another exciting event you will want to attend during your visit. The festival is a fun-filled one that gives you a memorable experience. Swift maple products of Ohio are showcased in this festival.

8. Faurot Park

things to do in Lima Ohio
Image Source: Faurot Park
Faurot Park

Faurot Park has been operating on 89 acres of land since 1935. It has beautiful attractions filled with activities for outdoor events. 

There are spaces for baseball, volleyball, and a skate park for sports lovers. 

There is also space for paved and unpaved hiking, allowing you to enjoy nature. When admiring the lake, you can decide to relax under the lovely shades. 

Faurot Park is among the most visited locations by tourists in Lima, as it’s perfect for outdoor activity. 

This park is the venue for the annual star-spangled spectacular, which comes up on July 4th of each year.

Faurot Park is at S Cole St, Lima, OH 45805, United States.

9. Alter Ego Comics

things to do in Lima Ohio
Image Source: Alter Ego Comics
Alter Ego Comics

Do you want to go shopping in Lima, Ohio? The alter ego comics have different sections for kids and adults to browse. These include TV series, movies, and comics.

This shop, at 230 N Main Street, has a vast collection of collectibles, posters, toys, games, and even action figures.

Here you will find star wars memorabilia, DC Comics, and new Marvel.

With the friendly staff and inviting atmosphere, you will have a great time browsing the shelves and collections for the latest editions of your favorite series.

10. Vino Bellissimo

things to do in Lima Ohio
Image Source: Vino Bellissimo
Vino Bellissimo

The thriving nightlife of the city of Lima can be experienced at Vino Bellissimo. The bar and club has different expensive wine brands, premium cocktails, beers, and other alcoholic beverages.

This place is excellent for hanging out with friends and family and having fun.

It has a thrilling dance floor, friendly locals, and excellent drinks.

Make sure to add this to your list of fun and best things to do in Lima Ohio as it’s one of the hidden gems of Lima.

It’s at 2412 Cable Ct, Lima, OH 45805, United States.

11. Edgewood Skate Arena

things to do in Lima Ohio
Image Source: Edgewood Skate Arena
Edgewood Skate Arena

If you love skating, this should be on your checklist of fun and best things to do in Lima Ohio. Edgewood Skate Arena, located at 2170 Edgewood Dr, Lima.

Skaters from different parts of the United States come to this Arena to have fun.

If you need to learn how to skate, there are instructors in place who are experts and experienced to take you by the arm and teach you. Your Kids can also take skating classes in groups for all ages.

Roller skating is a fun exercise, and it features some great activities for birthday parties, school trips, and day camp trips. They offer special packages like food, drinks, and cakes for all the events in the Arena.

12. Bruckner Nature Center

things to do in Lima Ohio
Image Source: Bruckner Nature Center
Bruckner Nature Center

If you are a nature lover, add this to your list of fun and best things to do in Lima Ohio. The State’s beautiful Stillwater river boards the Bruckner Nature Center, surrounded by over 165 woodland acres. It’s dedicated to environmental education, wildlife rehabilitation, and preserving its beautiful natural area. 

This Center is known for its treatment of injured or sick wildlife. The few animals that can not be returned to the wild will be given a home at the Bruckner Nature Center.

Located at 5995 Horseshoe Bend Rd, Troy, OH 45373, United States, it has lots of exciting features, including 6 miles of hiking trails winding through an ecological environment including rolling hills, thick pine forest, the tower above the visitors, interactive environmental education, a live native wildlife exhibit, all-season visit rooms, and deep ravines.

13. Westgate Entertainment Center

things to do in Lima Ohio
Image Source: Westgate Entertainment Center
Westgate Entertainment Center

Indoor fun spots are also great; a good example is Westgate Entertainment Center. Bowling takes center stage at this entertainment center, as both young and old have fun here.

A family since 1958 has been running and controlling Westgate, allowing guests to enjoy themselves at affordable prices.

There are about 24 lanes in the center, six wood lanes, and a synthetic lane. You can bowl in with their rad thunder alley while the lights are off, with loud music and special effects lights that make it look like a nightclub.

Some bumpers help prevent the bowling balls out of the gutters, which often amuses the kids, and the balls are aided to go down by ramps. 

The center hosts special events, including graduation ceremonies and birthday parties.

Westgate Entertainment Center is the best place for great family entertainment in Lima.

14. Lima Mall

things to do in Lima Ohio
Image Source: Lima Mall
Lima Mall

Shopping in Lima, Ohio is one of the best things to do. The Lima Mall is an enclosed shopping center ideal for retailers in areas like Allen, Auglaize, and Putnam County.

This Mall is excellent for shopping, dining, entertainment, and more.

Lima Mall is a one-stop shop for all fashions. It houses over 40 retailers like The Children’s Place, JCPenney, Aeropostale, Old Navy, and many others. 

After a great shopping in Lima, Ohio, you can have a delectable meal by visiting restaurants like Chopsticks Express or Golden Corral. 

15. The Met

things to do in Lima Ohio
Image Source: The Met
The Met

For a memorable dining experience in Lima, I will recommend The Met.

They are located at 306 N Main St, Lima, OH 45801, where there is a lot on their menu list, including shrimp tacos, pull-porked burgers, Korean fries, creamy cheesecakes, and dishes from various cuisine worldwide.  

They also have refreshing cocktails after a delicious and satisfying meal. 

Make sure to add this to your list when visiting Lima, Ohio. 

16. The Old City Prime

things to do in Lima Ohio
Image Source: The Old City Prime
The Old City Prime

Old City Prime is one of the most popular restaurants in Lima. With its delicacies and unique recipes, this restaurant has gained popularity. It has been seen as one of the modern-day American steakhouses. 

Be sure to try out their USDA fresh oysters, warm bread baked in an in-house bakery, gourmet appetizers, and prime-aged steaks.

There is also a wide choice of premium wines and cocktails to go with your meals. 

For entertainment, their Upper Lounge features live piano ballads, country music shows, bands, and many other performances by talented upcoming artists.

The old city prime is 215 S Main St, Lima, OH 45801, United States. 

17. Artspace/Lima

things to do in Lima Ohio
Image Source: Artspace/Lima
Artspace / Lima

For art lovers, Artspace/Lima is a must-place to visit in Lima. The building is located in the city’s northwest quadrant in an old bricked building showcasing works from artists in and beyond.

You will find beautiful galleries, classrooms on every floor, and an extensive collection of artworks here.

There are also engaging events, such as music nights, limited exhibits, film showings, and community engagement activities, allowing everyone invited to participate. 

Visitors will gain a new appreciation of various art forms while browsing the facility’s intriguing displays.

Artspace/Lima is at 65 Town Square, Lima, OH 45801, United States.

18. Schoonover Park

things to do in Lima Ohio
Image Source: cityhall
Schoonover Park

Schoonover park is a fun-filled location featuring many fun activities to keep visitors engaged. 

In the middle is a 25-acre lake where you can catch aquatic animals swimming in the depths.

If you are uncomfortable with the deep waters, a shallow pool within the park is available. Just make sure you go on this trip packing your swimsuit. 

You can visit Lima’s only observatory located in the park at night. 

So many astronomical events happen each year, making this a popular destination. 

19. Lauer Historical Farm

things to do in Lima Ohio
Image Source: Lauer Historical Farm
Lauer Historical Farm

If you love agricultural history and practice, you would love Lauer Historical Farm.

Since the 1830s, this place has been established, and it has been in operation after the Second World War. This place provides you with details about the local agricultural heritage of Lima. 

You can take pictures of the landscape gardens and sunflowers. 

Lauer Historical Farm also serves as a venue for events and celebrations because of its lovely and peaceful environment.

The address is 800 Roush Rd, Lima, OH 45801. 

Add this to your list of fun and best things to do in Lima Ohio when you visit. 

20. Collett Street Recreation Area

things to do in Lima Ohio
Image Source: cityhall
Collett Street Recreation Area

Collett Recreational area is located at south collet street and is connected with parks that are open to the public. It has about 19-20 acres of green surrounding and has various fascinating activities.

Collett Street Recreation Area has ample space to play and learn a new sport. This recreation area has three soccer fields, a fenced-in ball diamond, and eight lightened tennis courts. It is a park that combines education and recreation.

In this park, visitors can skate, walk, bike, and jog over a few miles of paved paths connecting various park areas. 

Visitors can also access the Ottawa River Bikeway during their visit. The park shares land with Safety City, a city that hosts a community program that provides youths with safety information.

You can check out Collett Street Recreation Area at 900 S Collet St, Lima, OH 45804, when next you visit Lima City. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are some free things to do in Lima, Ohio?

It has to do with your liking, as there are different free things to do in Lima, which include visiting the Johnny Appleseed Metropolitan Park District Office, hiking through various parks, and picnicking at McLean Teddy Bear Park.

2. What are some family-friendly activities in Lima, Ohio?

Some family-friendly activities in Lima include taking a Johnny Appleseed Metropolitan Park tour, visiting Faurot Park, watching a movie at the Regal Cinema 12, or skating at the Edgewood Roller Skating Arena. 

3. What are the best tourist attractions in Lima, Ohio?

The best tourist attractions in Lima are the City’s many parks, including McLean Teddy Bear, Faurot, Schoonover, and the Ottawa Metro park. For something outside of parks, the Allen County Historical Society and Museum and the Lincoln Park Railway Exhibit provide visitors with an exciting and fun experience.

Final Thoughts

Lima’s charming city offers its tourists endless options for a memorable vacation. So, it would help if you listed the things to do in Lima, Ohio. This will help you enjoy your trip to the fullest. 

Happy vacations!