American brunch Restaurants

10 Top-rated American Brunch Restaurants in 2023

Brunch is a favorite meal for many people, and the United States has no shortage of fantastic brunch spots. From the traditional to the unconventional, there are plenty of options to choose from. This post will highlight the top-rated American brunch restaurants you should visit.

Brunch allows you to spend time with friends and family, tell stories, and eat excellent food. Brunch culture has grown to become a vital part of America’s culture, with many individuals viewing it as the highlight of their weekend.


This has resulted in an increase in brunch-specific eateries, with chefs creating special menus featuring something for everyone. Brunch has become popular in America, with many cities having yearly brunch festivals to celebrate this cherished meal.

Top-rated American Brunch Restaurants

From classic diners to upscale restaurants, we have put together a list of top-rated American brunch restaurants. So join us as we explore.


1. Balthazar

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Topping our list of top-rated American brunch restaurants is Balthazar. Located in the heart of Soho, Balthazar is an iconic restaurant that has been serving up delicious brunch dishes for over 20 years.

With a French-inspired menu and a bustling atmosphere, Balthazar is the perfect spot for a weekend brunch with friends.

Balthazar generally feeds 1,500 people each day, and its steak frites are by far the most popular meal. Out of its 200 or so employees, only two full-time prep chefs are needed to handle the potatoes for frying. Balthazar is renowned for its raw bar as well.

2. The Smith

The Smith
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The Smith

Second on our list of top-rated American restaurants is The Smith. The Smith is a popular restaurant chain with locations throughout the United States, but the Chicago location is a standout when it comes to brunch.


The menu features classic brunch dishes with a modern twist, and the ambiance is warm and inviting.

Their menu includes classic brunch dishes like pancakes and eggs benedict, as well as unique offerings like breakfast tacos and truffle mushroom toast.

The eatery offers fantastic vinegar-based, chopped pork BBQ, hush puppies, slaw, and likely the tastiest hot dogs in the neighborhood.

3. The Publican

The Publican
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The Publican

Right on the heels of The Smith on our list of top-rated American brunch restaurants is The Publican. The Publican is a must-visit spot for brunch in Denver.

The restaurant specializes in farm-to-table cuisine, with a focus on local and sustainable ingredients. Its menu changes seasonally, so there’s always something new to try.

At The Publican, flavorful pork and seafood are featured on an eclectic menu of traditional American farmhouse meals. This beer-focused restaurant has a European beer hall feel to it.

Enjoy booth seating and community dining in a buzzing environment. So yes, The Publican made it to our list of top-rated American brunch restaurants.

4. The Southern

The Southern
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The Southern

If you’re looking for a brunch spot with a Southern flair, look no further than The Southern in Nashville. The restaurant’s menu features classic Southern dishes like shrimp and grits and chicken and waffles, as well as unique cocktails and a welcoming atmosphere.

If you seek to pamper your taste buds, then you might want to try The Southern brunch menu.

5. Cafe Cluny

Cafe Cluny
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Cafe Cluny

Café Cluny, located on a lovely cobblestone West Village corner, is a go-to for weekday lunches and weekend brunches for the classy yet Sperry-wearing type. 

Cafe Cluny’s brunch menu features simple but delicious dishes like avocado toast and eggs Benedict, and the outdoor seating area is the perfect place to enjoy a lovely brunch.

6. The Henry

The Henry
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The Henry

Making it to our list of top-rated American brunch restaurants is The Henry. The Henry in Los Angeles is a trendy spot for brunch, with a modern and stylish interior and an extensive menu. Whether you’re in the mood for sweet or savory, there’s something for everyone on the menu.

The Henry is different from other restaurants for a variety of reasons, like the sense of comfort it provides.

All of Henry’s menus feature a range of globally influenced and American meals, as well as special offerings that are unique to each city.


7. Foreign & Domestic

Foreign & Domestic
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Foreign & Domestic

Foreign & Domestic in Austin is a small but bustling neighborhood eatery in the midst of the north loop, with a focus on locally sourced ingredients and creative flavor combinations. 

The restaurant’s ever-changing menu keeps things interesting and ensures that there’s always something new to try. So you seek a restaurant whose brunch ingredients are sourced straight from the farm then Foreign & Domestic is the place for you.

8. russ & daughters

russ & daughters
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Russ & Daughters

Our list of top-rated American brunch restaurants would be incomplete without Russ & Daughters. Russ & Daughters is a culinary and cultural icon in New York. known for its high-quality unique dishes such as caviar, bagels, bialys, babka, smoked salmon, and other traditional baked pastries.

One of Russ & Daughters’ most common orders is also one of New York City’s most famous dishes: A cream cheese bagel and smoked salmon bagel.

This simple sandwich, known on the Russ & Daughters menu as “The Classic,” tells the story of one family’s dedication to doing things the old-fashioned way.

9. Soby’s

Image Source: sobys

Soby’s in Greenville is a popular brunch spot with a contemporary Southern menu. The restaurant’s brunch menu features dishes like crab cakes Benedict and cinnamon roll waffles, as well as unique cocktails and an outdoor patio.

Soby’s modernizes classic regional foods and serves them in a casually classy setting. Your visit to Greenville would be incomplete without a meal at Soby’s, one of Greenvile’s best and most iconic eateries.

10. Snooze

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Completing our list of 10 top-rated American brunch restaurants is Snooze. Snooze is a brunch chain with locations throughout the United States. The menu features creative twists on classic brunch dishes, and the colorful and quirky decor adds to the fun and playful vibe of the restaurant.

Most American brunch restaurants follow almost the same script: eggs, coffee, batter, and a big ol’ griddle. At Snooze scripts are like pancakes, they taste better when flipped. That’s why they do brunch but in a different way.

From Benedicts to Bloody Marys to whatever you are feeling at the moment, Snooze is always ready to turn their meals upside down and on its side.


Brunch isn’t just a meal – it’s an experience. These top-rated American brunch restaurants offer delicious food, welcoming atmospheres, and a chance to gather with friends and family.

Whether you’re in the mood for classic Southern dishes, French-inspired cuisine, or modern twists on brunch favorites, these restaurants have got you covered.

When next you want to have a brunch, try any of these restaurants and give yourself a blend of an excellent meal, great ambiance, and amazing customer service.