Best Chinese restaurants NYC

15 Best Chinese Restaurants in NYC

New York City has a long history of fine Chinese restaurants that show the culinary traditions of practically every province in China. Whether you want to try hot Szechuan cuisine at tiny Chinatown eateries, have a classic weekend dim sum brunch, or order top-notch takeout and delivery to eat at home, this list of 15 best Chinese restaurants in NYC has everything you need.


When it comes to the best Chinese food in the city that never sleeps, NYC does not disappoint. New York City is teeming with restaurants and takeout businesses serving wonderful Chinese cuisine, from Peking duck to hui mei noodles and wonton soup.

Best Chinese Restaurants in NYC

There’s a Chinese restaurant for everyone, from premium to old-school restaurants that have been around for a while. So many alternatives that it can be difficult to choose.


To help you find the perfect Chinese restaurant that suits your needs, we have put together a list of the 10 best Chinese restaurants in NYC that are worth trying.

1. Hutong

Hutong restaurant
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Hutong is an amazing location and one of the best Chinese restaurants in NYC thanks to a fantastic, glittering dining room with art déco flair and a long glass hallway designed with rows of wine bottles like heist-worthy works of art.

Fortunately, the menu matches the design. Mapo tofu is spicy, Rosé Champagne shrimp dumplings shimmer, and roasted Peking duck skin crackles the way it should. Hutong recently introduced a special flaming Peking duck, which is only offered three nights a week.

2. Nom Wah Tea Parlor

 Nom Wah Tea Parlor restaurant
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Nom Wah Tea Parlor

The first dim sum restaurant in New York debuted in 1920 and quickly gained a loyal following for its moon cakes and almond biscuits. This 90-year-old institution had a renovation in 2010.


The most significant changes, however, were made behind the scenes. Unlike some of the crowded banquet rooms that dominate Chinatown’s dim sum restaurants, the lovely old-school establishment now cooks each plate to order.

Nom Wah Tea Parlor serves delicious traditional Chinese delicacies. So if you crave delicious Asian cuisine, head to the Nom Wah Tea Parlor, which, by the way, is one of the best Chinese restaurants in NYC.

3. DaXi

DaXi Restaurant
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DaXi, a slightly upscale is one of the best Chinese restaurants in NYC serves modern cuisine, such as Tibetan-style pork rib and millet with orange congee, in an artistic and creative manner, with vibrant colors and unusual plating.


4. Grand Sichuan

Grand Sichuan restaurant
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Grand Sichuan

Xiaotu “John” Zhang’s fast-growing Chinese chain is one of the best Chinese restaurants in NYC and it has a cult following.

Begin with a bowl of dandan noodles laden with gui zhou chicken or dried peppercorns, which mixes tongue-tingling Szechuan peppercorns and dry-fried fiery chiles. If you prefer something softer, go for the basket of eight delicious pork soup dumplings.

5. RedFarm

RedFarm restaurant
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This restaurant, one of the best Chinese restaurants in NYC, is dressed in a farm-to-table design with potted plants in the windows, gingham booths, and blond wood pillars.


It boasts an eclectic, easy-to-share cuisine. To mix and match, head straight for the family-style entrées.

6. MáLà Project

MáLà Project restaurant
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MáLà Project

Chinese hot pot is traditionally cooked with vegetables, thinly sliced meats, and stock, but owner Ning Amelie Kang and chef Qilong Zhao give it a breathless makeover at this East Village restaurant, which is one of the best Chinese restaurants in NYC.

MáLà Project‘s star dish, a twist on Chongqing-hailing dry pot, a stir-fry-like spread created with a choice of 52 add-ins, is named literally for its “numbing” and “spicy” properties.


Beef tenderloin, fish fillets, pig artery, squid balls, and frogs are among the meat alternatives. Diners can draw up to a 15-seat communal table or a marble-topped counter for snacks such as steamed egg custard.

7. Great New York Noodletown

Great New York Noodletown
Image Source: newyorker
Great New York Noodletown

This Hong Kong-style establishment is popular for its late-night hours and consistently outstanding food, making it one of the best Chinese restaurants in NYC. Choose from dozens of noodle types, including pan-fried or broth-based options with extras like pig’s feet, shrimp dumplings, and beef balls.

Don’t forget about the remainder of the menu: Chinese blooming chives are sautéed with duck, scallops, fish, or squid in one of the restaurant’s signature stir-fries.


8. New Fu Run

New Fu Run
Image Source: thrillist
New Fu Run

We thought we’d lost this Flushing institution when it shut down a few years ago, but then we discovered there was another location in Great Neck, Queens. This lovely restaurant has dishes from Dongbei, one of three provinces in northernmost China originally known as Manchuria.

Try the pork with sour cabbage, green-bean sheet jelly (a salad of pressed tofu, mung bean noodles, and cloud ear fungus with tahini), and sweet and sour fish).


9. Tri Dim West

Tri Dim West
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Tri Dim West

There is no finer prelude or finale to a visit to the Museum of Natural History or a stroll across Central Park than this supposedly Shanghai restaurant, one of the best Chinese restaurants in NYC where amazing cocktails are served.

Though lion’s head meatballs, West Lake beef soup, soup dumplings, and other Shanghai regional delicacies are available, the menu also includes Sichuan, Teochew cuisine, and Cantonese (with plenty of dim sum for handy snacking).

10. Xi’an Famous Foods

 Xi'an Famous Foods restaurant
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Xi’an Famous Foods

The first outpost of restaurateur, Jason Wang, was opened in downtown Flushing. With its spicy, fragrant style of food from northwestern China, branches opened all over the city as its fame grew.

Try the spicy cumin lamb burger with any of the hand-pulled noodles. In this lovely restaurant, which is one of the best Chinese restaurants in NYC, the meat is rich; the bread has a crunchy sear on the exterior, and the bun soaks up lots of lamb juices rich.

11. Café China

Café China restaurant
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Café China

The lunchtime Sichuan favourite of office workers from Yiming Wang and Xian Zhang recently moved a few blocks west and became much bigger and grander, seating over 300 people on three floors in a dining room with a 1930s motif.

The food is still excellent, albeit a little more expensive. Pork dumplings in hot oil, loofah and ma po tofu, dried scallops, and braised beef in red soup are all recommended meals.

12. Nan Xiang Xiao Long Bao

Nan Xiang Xiao Long Bao
Image Source: ny.eater
Nan Xiang Xiao Long Bao

Nan Xiang Xiao Long Bao, one of the best Chinese restaurants in NYC, moved to more luxurious premises down Prince Street. However, carryout and delivery are still available at this Tai Ma-owned restaurant, which helped popularize Shanghai soup dumplings.

The restaurant now prepares them in a variety of colors and also serves a variety of other Shanghai delicacies, such as chicken in wine sauce and mustard greens, and rice cake. (There’s also a new express location in Forest Hills.)

13. Han Dynasty

Han Dynasty
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Han Dynasty

Taiwan native Han Chiang has acquired a cult following in the City of Brotherly Love for his fiery Szechuan cuisine and has since marched into Gotham where it has become one of the best Chinese restaurants in NYC.

The joyful yellow walls and Chinese oil paintings of the Han Dynasty surround spicy chicken wings, peanuts with chilly bone-in rabbit, and delicate pork wontons.

The much-talked-about dandan noodles are springier than others, with a deft combination of soothing sesame paste and throat-burning chile oil.

14. Hunan Slurp

Hunan Slurp
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Hunan Slurp

Chao Wang, an artist, and Hunan native, founded this slurp store to convey a taste of his birthplace to NYC. When you enter the dining area, you’ll hear a symphony of slurping noises.

Join the chorus with a bowl of Hometown Lu Fen, heaped high with char siu pork, sliced beef, and a jammy soft-boiled egg on tender rice noodles in a rich broth, accompanied by a hot bowl of chili oil.

You’ll leave with your stomach full, scorching lips, and chili oil spray stains on your clothes–a tiny price to pay for a fine culinary experience in one of the best Chinese restaurants in NYC.

15. Little Pepper

Little Pepper
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Little Pepper

The sparse decor draws all attention to Little Pepper‘s gorgeous, spicy Szechuan food. The braised sliced fish is served in a scarlet soup reminiscent of Thai curry.

Dan dan noodles get a fresh lease on life here, boosted by hot minced pork. Prepare to be surprised by the Szechuan pepper: even ordinary appetizers like sliced beef burst with a firework heat.


Are you looking for hearty Hunan foods, some authentic spicy Szechuan, or a restaurant for a romantic date?

Or you just want to learn about Chinese culture or experience all of NYC’s indoor activities. This list of the 15 best Chinese restaurants in NYC includes restaurants you should visit for the best Chinese food in the city.