Top 10 Italian Restaurants in Austin

Austin is a city brimming with culinary diversity, and its Italian dining scene is no exception. Whether you’re in search of traditional pasta dishes, wood-fired pizzas, or authentic gelato, Austin has it all.

Let’s dive into the world of Italian cuisine and explore the top 10 Italian restaurants that should be on your radar when visiting this vibrant city.

Top Italian Restaurants in Austin

Here are details (including images) of some of the most reputable Italian restaurants in Austin:

1. L’oca D’oro

Italian Restaurants in Austin
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L’oca D’oro

Located in the heart of East Austin, L’oca D’oro captures the essence of Italian cuisine with its elegant yet relaxed ambiance.

Known for its handmade pasta and locally sourced ingredients, this restaurant offers a menu that evolves with the seasons, ensuring the freshest flavors in every dish.

From their signature Cacio e Pepe to the mouthwatering Tagliatelle Bolognese, L’oca D’oro takes you on a culinary journey through Italy.

2. Andiamo

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Andiamo, one of the top Italian restaurants in Austin, transports diners straight to the streets of Italy. With a warm and inviting atmosphere, this family-owned restaurant serves up classic Italian dishes made from scratch.

From the rich and velvety Gnocchi al Gorgonzola to the flavorful Osso Buco, Andiamo’s menu is a testament to their dedication to authentic Italian flavors.

3. Pasta | Bar

Pasta | Bar
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Pasta | Bar

As the name suggests, Pasta | Bar focuses on the art of pasta-making. Situated in the bustling South Lamar district, this modern Italian eatery offers a curated selection of handmade pasta dishes that will tantalize your taste buds.

From the delicate Tortellini al Tartufo to the indulgent Spaghetti Carbonara, Pasta | Bar celebrates the simplicity and beauty of pasta.

4. Olive & June

Olive & June
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Olive & June

Olive & June, one of the top Italian restaurants in Austin, exudes rustic elegance and offers a refined Italian dining experience.

Led by Chef Shawn Cirkiel, the restaurant showcases a menu inspired by the coastal regions of Italy. Indulge in dishes like the delicate Ricotta Gnudi or the sumptuous Bistecca alla Fiorentina, and savor the harmonious blend of flavors.

5. Revue

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Italian restaurants in Austin. Situated in the trendy Rainey Street district, Revue combines Italian tradition with a modern twist. This stylish restaurant offers an innovative menu that showcases creative interpretations of Italian classics.

From their tantalizing Burrata Salad to the unique Short Rib Agnolotti, Revue delights the palate with its fusion of flavors and artistic presentation.


6. Patrizi’s

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Nestled in a cozy food trailer on the east side of Austin, Patrizi’s is a hidden gem that serves up delicious Italian comfort food. The menu features homemade pasta dishes, sauces bursting with flavor, and delectable desserts.

Whether you choose their classic Fettuccine Alfredo or the hearty Bolognese, Patrizi’s offers a comforting and satisfying dining experience.

7. Juliet

Italian Restaurants in Austin
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Juliet, located in the heart of Austin’s Zilker neighborhood, blends Italian flavors with local ingredients, resulting in a unique and memorable dining experience.

With a focus on seasonal produce and locally sourced ingredients, Juliet’s menu highlights dishes like the delightful Mushroom Risotto or the savory Pollo al Marsala. Don’t forget to try their artisanal pizzas cooked in a wood-fired oven.

8. Asti

Italian Restaurants in Austin
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Asti, nestled in the historic Clarksville neighborhood, is a neighborhood bistro known for its Italian-inspired cuisine. The restaurant’s warm and inviting ambiance sets the stage for a memorable dining experience.

From their delicate Caprese Salad to the exquisite Linguine alle Vongole, Asti captures the essence of Italian flavors while adding a touch of Austin charm.


9. North Italia

North Italia
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North Italia,

North Italia, located in the Domain Northside, offers contemporary Italian cuisine in a chic and vibrant setting. Their menu features a wide array of dishes made from scratch using the finest ingredients.

From the mouthwatering Bolognese to the comforting Truffle Garlic Bread, North Italia brings a modern twist to Italian classics, satisfying both traditionalists and adventurous diners.

10. Vespaio

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Vespaio, a long-standing Italian restaurants in Austin, has been delighting diners with its authentic Italian cuisine since 1998.

Situated on South Congress Avenue, Vespaio offers an extensive menu that showcases traditional dishes made with a commitment to quality and flavor.

Whether you choose the house-made Ravioli di Spinaci or the savory Brasato di Manzo, Vespaio guarantees a memorable dining experience.


Italian restaurants in Austin are a testament to the city’s culinary diversity and passion for great food. From the elegant L’oca D’oro to the casual charm of Patrizi’s.

Each restaurant on this list offers a unique take on Italian cuisine, creating an experience that satisfies both the palate and the soul. When in Austin, be sure to indulge in the flavors of Italy at these exceptional dining establishments.