most expensive restaurants in LA

Top 10 Most Expensive Restaurants in LA (Los Angeles)

Do you have a good appetite and a few hundred bucks to spare? Why not treat yourself to a meal at one of the most expensive restaurants in LA? Trust us when we say it would probably be one of the most amazing experiences you have ever had.

You may leave with a much lighter pocket and a filled stomach, but gorging on caviar, lobster, and Kobe beef is an experience you should have once in a while. Check out these top 10 most expensive restaurants in LA for some of the best dining experiences money can buy.


Top 10 Most Expensive Restaurants in La

From multi-course tasting menus that attract celebrities to ultra-luxurious omakase sushi experiences, here are the 10 most expensive restaurants in LA.

1. Vespertine

Vespertine restaurant
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Vespertine, located in Los Angeles’ Culver City neighborhood, is defined as a non-conformist, non-culture, fine dining restaurant, both in terms of architecture and cuisine.


The best is saved for last in terms of pricing for this exquisite dining experience, which is a stunning $250 per person, not including a cocktail! People come to this restaurant for the experience, which includes unusual presentation and food preparation by the restaurant’s head chef, Jordan Khan.

When it comes to breaking the pattern of modern eating, this restaurant is in a league of its own when compared to other restaurants around the world, making it one of the most expensive restaurants in LA.

2. The Rooftop At The Wayfarer

The Rooftop At The Wayfarer restaurant
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The Rooftop At The Wayfarer

The Rooftop of The Wayfarer in downtown Los Angeles is the definition of an urban oasis.

The Rooftop At The Wayfarer is beautifully placed on the roof of The Wayfarer building, giving you a lovely view of the surrounding skyscrapers while feasting on a meal that you can make yourself or choose from one of the chef’s delectable dishes.


The 10-course meal cost about $70.00 per person on average, making it one of the most expensive restaurants in LA, but it’s well worth it!

3. Perch

Perch restaurant
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Perch is an apt name for the rooftop restaurant and bar, which by the way is one of the most expensive restaurants in La. Perch is located on the 15th floor of a historic office building at 448 South Hill Street in Los Angeles, CA.

The outside patio eating is appealing to celebrities and anybody searching for a taste of the high life.

The restaurant, which overlooks Pershing Square, features three sumptuous French-inspired menus: a three-course Brunch for $45 per person, a four-course dinner menu for $65 per person, and another four-course dinner for $75 per person.

Brittany Snow, the actress from Pitch Perfect, was also spotted enjoying the ambiance of the elevated cafe.

4. Urasawa

Urasawa restaurnat
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Book a table at Urasawa if you want to eat at the hottest spot in town. As Destination Luxury points out, it’s one of the most expensive restaurants in Los Angeles, and a short peek at the menu explains why.

It’s overflowing with delicacies like torso and wagyu. The restaurant offers a gut-busting 30-course omakase menu at $395 (not including drinks).

5. CUT by Wolfgang Puck

CUT by Wolfgang Puck restaurant
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CUT by Wolfgang Puck

Wolfgang Puck’s tribute to all things beef is located in the opulent Beverly Wilshire, where a Richard Meier-designed setting with a clean, modern ambiance lets the steaks shine.

With a great assortment of American and Australian beef grades of varying ages, Wolfgang Puck (one of the most expensive restaurants in LA) has no chewing limits.

There’s also a new range of real Kobe beef steaks, which are hard to get by in Los Angeles. The sides and appetizers are also excellent, with bone marrow flan taking the prize.

6. Providence

Providence restaurants
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Chef Michael Cimarusti serves wonderfully prepared fish in its most natural state, presenting incredible tastes at L.A.’s most serious seafood restaurant. Highlights include the uni, spot prawn, and cheese dishes.

The stately-designed dining room is great for discreetly enjoying Cimarusti’s creative tasting menus, while top-notch wine pairings will provide you with the right cocktail to toast. The drink menu is also exceptional for a restaurant of this class.


7. N/Naka

N/Naka restaurant
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The only thing more lovely than N/Naka‘s stunning dining room (interesting fact: it was previously a spa. The menu (which, despite the change in layout, still maintains that same peaceful feeling of tranquillity as it did then) is its menu.

N/Naka, led by Chef Niki Nakayama, has dominated LA’s culinary landscape with superb, finely balanced Japanese delicacies like Lobster Tartare in Uni Butter.

The restaurant presently holds two Michelin stars, which could explain why its thirteen-course tasting menu costs a whopping $275, making it one of the most expensive restaurants in LA.

8. Saam at SLS Hotel

Saam at SLS Hotel restaurant
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Saam at SLS Hotel

If the magnificent, slightly strange surroundings of the four-star Saam at SLS Hotel, one of the most expensive restaurants in LA, don’t amaze you, the exquisite food will.

Chef Jose Andres’ unique approach to cuisine is on display in the multi-course, which includes jamón croquetas, seared wagyu beef cheeks, 28-oz grass-fed tomahawk, sea urchin steamed buns, coffee-rubbed Australian wagyu, and octopus toast.

Saam at SLS Hotel isn’t cheap, but given its list of accolades, which includes the 2019 Diner’s Choice Award and a spot on lists like The Daily Meal 101 Best Restaurants in America, it’s easy to see why.

9. Soho House West Hollywood

Soho House West Hollywood
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Soho House West Hollywood

Soho House West Hollywood, like a real-life remake of Tom Cruise’s mystery thriller Eyes Wide Shut, features a strict selection of Hollywood celebrities who are allowed into its British-founded, members-only club.

The most expensive item in this restaurant, believe it or not, isn’t a terrific entrée or a premium three-course dinner. It’s actually an $1800 annual membership cost, or $2400 if you want to visit all nine club sites across the globe.

What makes Soho House even more remarkable is that it is incredibly exclusive – not everyone gets accepted as a member.

Justin Timberlake, Ben Silverman, Jessica Biel, and Sylvester Stallone are among the well-known members of Soho House West Hollywood, which is one of the most expensive restaurants in the world.

10. Capo Restaurant 

Capo Restaurant
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Capo Restaurant

If you enjoy classic cuisine, Capo Restaurant is your new best buddy. The menu isn’t very creative, but for gorgeous, nuanced Italian cooking, this tiny bit of Tuscan paradise can’t be better. It is also worth knowing that Capo is one of the most expensive restaurants in LA.

Avoid the wine list if you want to save money: with tempting options like a 1981 Krug for $1300 or a 1996 Screaming Eagle for $4500, you may wind up bankrupt. Keep it alcohol-free, and you could walk away with only $180 in debt.


When you’re looking for a classic and elegant restaurant to celebrate an important event, you’re probably ready to spend a little fortune.

The most expensive restaurants in LA are worth every penny, as they will definitely leave you with a memorable meal and an exciting dining experience.