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Top 15 Best Restaurant Review Sites

If you enjoy trying out new restaurants or travel regularly, you are probably aware of the significance of restaurant review sites. With the growth of the internet, it is now easier than ever to learn what other people think about a certain restaurant and which ones are worth visiting. But the question remains, which review site can I trust? To help you answer this, we will go over the top 15 best restaurant review sites that you should visit before making any meal reservations.

Everyone wants to have a great dining experience when they go out to eat. However, finding a restaurant that can deliver on its promises is not always easy.


This is where online restaurant reviews come in handy. These websites provide a forum for you to read reviews from previous customers who have visited a specific restaurant, allowing you to make an informed decision.

Best Restaurant Review Sites

With so many restaurants to choose from, it can be overwhelming to pick one that meets your expectations. Hop in as we review the top 15 best restaurant review sites.


1. TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor is a popular restaurant review site that gives information about restaurants, hotels, and attractions to users. Users can search for restaurants on TripAdvisor by location, cuisine, price range, and rating. It also includes menu information, business hours, and contact information.

The ability to read reviews from other customers who have visited the restaurant is one of the best benefits of TripAdvisor. TripAdvisor now provides a smartphone app for finding eateries on the go.

2. Yelp

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Yelp is one of the most well-known online restaurant review sites, and it dominates the search ranks.

Yelp is said to have over 178 million monthly users every month, so there’s a huge chance that customers will find your restaurant. Restaurants receive about 20% of Yelp reviews.


When looking for the best restaurants in a particular area, Yelp is usually one of the first results. That means it’s critical that your company is listed on Yelp and that the reviews are favorable.

When you claim your Yelp business profile, you may respond to reviews publicly or privately, which can help with customer engagement and persuade individuals who left negative reviews to rethink.

3. Zomato

Zomato, which was founded in 2008, has quickly become one of the most popular restaurant review sites among bloggers, culinary experts, and diners.

As a result, if you own a restaurant, you should definitely try to get featured on it. Zomato, formerly known as Urbanspoon, also offers online delivery.

4. OpenTable

OpenTable allows you to make reservations directly through their website and, according to 2018 figures, seats more than 23 million customers per month in over 43,000 restaurants worldwide. Making OpenTable one of the biggest restaurant review sites.

Aside from reservations, users can provide feedback by rating their experience on a five-point scale in categories such as Food, Ambience, Value, and Service, which all contribute to a restaurant’s overall score.

According to corporate statistics, almost 850,000 reviews are written each month, making it a compelling case for you to consider using OpenTable.

5. Google Maps

Google Maps
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Google Maps

Getting your business listed on the world’s largest search engine is a no-brainer because it will allow it to appear in local search results.

Much more, Google publishes restaurant reviews and ratings on its own Google review restaurants platform, so claiming your business on Google My Business has become an essential step in any local restaurant marketing and search strategy.

You may also use Google Alerts to keep track of activity and brand mentions. According to a Website Builder study, even a half-star increase in the restaurant’s rating – on a scale of 1-5 – meant that it was more likely to be filled during peak dining hours.

6. MenuPages

MenuPages is a GrubHub brand and one of the local restaurant review sites that allow customers to find restaurants based on cuisine, proximity to a specific address, or even comparable restaurants in the region.

MenuPages, in addition to being a comprehensive online and mobile provider of continually updated menus, also serves as a resource for food and restaurant content, such as menus, ratings, contact information, and, of course, reviews.

7. Facebook

Facebook has over 2.2 billion users – yes, 2.2 billion – making it the most popular global platform for product information and one of the biggest restaurant review sites..

Because Facebook is one of the best restaurant review sites, user reviews posted on Facebook are important if your restaurant wants good publicity.

In fact, Facebook comes third, trailing only Google and Yelp in terms of checking online reviews for local companies.

Statista reports that 88 percent of people believe what friends and even strangers say about businesses on Facebook.

8. Roadfood

Roadfood is primarily a restaurant rating website based in the United States, with food ratings for nearly every state.

What distinguishes it from other restaurant review sites is that, instead of generic restaurant reviews, clients can read about individual dishes and view ratings for each dish on Roadfood.

They also include modest highway diners, small-town cafes, seaside shacks, informal drive-ins, barbecues, and local bake shops, so you know what to do if your business falls into any of those categories.


9. Gayot

Although you cannot get a listing on Gayot, it is still one of the most unique restaurant review sites because of the Q&As feature from some of the world’s most renowned restaurant owners, chefs, restaurant owners, wine experts, and celebrities.

Gayot can also assist consumers in locating the greatest restaurants worldwide for a variety of cuisines. The only downside is that you have to advertise with them to be visible.

90% of all buyers read less than 10 reviews before forming an opinion about a company – Website Builder

10. Zagat

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Zagat started way back in 1979 and bears the title of being one of the first restaurant review sites.

Zagat allows customers to review restaurants in four categories: food, decor, service, and cost, using a numbered rating scale.

Zagat, which was previously owned by Google, was recently sold to The Infatuation but retains its reputation as one of the most dependable restaurant ratings sites and sources for restaurant suggestions.

11. Foursquare

Foursquare is another restaurant review site with a slightly different purpose. Foursquare has one of the world’s largest collections of user-generated geolocation data, and its simple interface encourages users to write “tips” or brief phrase/sentence reviews.

What truly distinguishes Foursquare is its ability to provide business owners with an incredibly compelling data set that includes information like the most recent visitor, the time of day, the most frequent visitor, new visitors, and gender distribution for anyone interested in consumer behavior.

12. Yahoo! Local

Not to be outdone, Yahoo has its own suggestion and meal rating website, Yahoo! Local, which assists consumers in finding local businesses and services online.

As a restaurant owner, Yahoo! Local is an unquestionable asset to your online local strategy. Moreso, you can get started for free, and setting up and managing a Yahoo! Local account is simple.

That being said, Yelp just collaborated with Yahoo! Local, which means that all Yahoo! Local reviews have transferred and been replaced with Yelp reviews.

13. Manta

Manta is a local marketing platform designed specifically for small business owners. If your restaurant needs an online presence, you may get an immediate boost by advertising on Mantra’s homepage.

If you sign up as a premium customer on Manta (one of the best restaurant review sites), you will receive instant alerts when customers leave reviews, allowing you to manage your online reputation across the web swiftly and efficiently from a single location.

14. The Infatuation

The Infatuation
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The Infatuation

The Infatuation, Zagat’s parent company, is one of those restaurant review sites designed to appeal to younger generations.

Instead of depending on user feedback, they have a team of writers that compile it. However, they are only available in 12 cities: Chicago, Boston, Atlanta, Austin, London, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Seattle, New York City, San Francisco, Miami, and Washington, D.C.

If your restaurant is in any of these cities, you might benefit from a thorough positive evaluation from their team.

15. Citysearch

Citysearch is another famous restaurant review site that has notable bars, restaurants, and even local events across the country.

Thanks to its extensive reach and fairly high visitation, Citysearch places its reviews practically everywhere, including the leading search engines and directories, and has up to 15% more visibility than a review posted in Google Maps.


Running a successful restaurant is no easy fit; besides loads of active hard work and management needed, you must also keep up with the competition or risk being left behind.

It is crucial that restaurateurs understand the influence of restaurant review sites on their business. They can boost your earnings and help you establish your brand if handled correctly.

To be where your potential customers are, we have put together 15 of the best restaurant review sites your business should get listed on.