Restaurants in Nashville

10 Top Rated Restaurants in Nashville

Nashville is a thriving city with diverse culinary scenes. There are so many restaurants providing a unique eating experience that it might be difficult to choose the finest ones. To help you find the restaurant that best suits you, we have put together a list of the top-rated restaurants in Nashville, based on customer reviews, food quality, and overall experience.

Nashville is known for its music and southern hospitality, but did you know it also has some of the best restaurants in the country? From classic southern fare to delicious food, Nashville restaurants have something for everyone.


Top Rated Restaurants in Nashville

From classic southern cuisine to international flavors, these restaurants in Nashville are sure to satisfy your taste buds. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the culinary journey of the top-rated restaurants in Nashville.

1. Hattie B’s Hot Chicken

Hattie B's Hot Chicken
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Hattie B’s Hot Chicken

Hattie B’s Hot Chicken is one of the most popular restaurants in Nashville, known nationally for its hot chicken, delicious Southern sides, and desserts is located in Nashville, Tennessee. It was co-founded by father and son Nick Bishop Sr. and Nick Bishop Jr.


The restaurant has multiple locations, but the Midtown location is the first and most popular. Hattie B’s offers a range of heat levels for their hot chicken, from mild to “shut the cluck up.” Be prepared for a line, especially during peak hours.

2. Loveless Cafe

Loveless Cafe
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Loveless Cafe

Loveless Cafe, founded in 1951, comes in second on our list of Nashville restaurants. The restaurant is named after the owners, Lon and Annie Loveless, who welcomed Highway 100 visitors into their home in 1951.

Loveless Cafe serves southern cuisines, like biscuits, country ham, and red-eye gravy. Anne The biscuit recipe was created by Anne Loveless and is still closely guarded.

Loveless Cafe grows and produces many of its ingredients in Tennessee, and everything on the menu is prepared from scratch. The Loveless Cafe also has a country store and motel on-site.


3. Prince’s Hot Chicken Shack

Prince's Hot Chicken Shack
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Prince’s Hot Chicken Shack

Prince’s Hot Chicken Shack Chicken is one of the best restaurants in Nashville, but few know the story behind this well-known eatery. Prince was rumored to be a womanizer, and as retaliation after a particularly late night, his girlfriend at the time prepared him a fried chicken breakfast with hot pepper.

Prince, on the other hand, was so taken with the flavor that he and his brothers developed their own recipe and founded the Chicken Shack.

The restaurant has been family-owned and operated since 1945. It is credited with creating the hot chicken dish. Prince’s offers heat levels ranging from mild to extra hot, so proceed with caution.

4. Rolf and Daughters

Rolf and Daughters
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Rolf and Daughters

If you only have one night in Nashville, whether for a layover or a romantic break, Rolf and Daughters is a must-visit. This renowned Germantown eatery serves amazing dishes, most of which are somewhat Italian or Spanish in flavor, though others incorporate Chinese and Japanese ingredients.

The continuously changing menu at Rolf and Daughters has no clear theme. The menu features seasonal, contemporary American cuisine with an emphasis on house-made pastas. The restaurant has an industrial-chic decor and an impressive wine list.

5. Butcher & Bee

Butcher & Bee
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Butcher & Be

Butcher & Bee is a modern, farm-to-table restaurant, one of the few farm-to-table restaurants in Nashville. Butcher & Bee began by delivering simple sandwiches with flavor combinations and food quality generally associated with upscale dining.

Their menu has expanded beyond sandwiches to include a variety of other dishes. The menu features Mediterranean-inspired small plates and sandwiches made with locally-sourced ingredients.

For Butcher & Bee, supporting local and sustainable businesses is more than a catchphrase. It’s the proper thing to do, plus it makes the dish taste better.

6. The Catbird Seat

The Catbird Seat
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The Catbird Seat

The Catbird Seat, a small and interactive chef-run restaurant, offers a one-of-a-kind dining experience that places diners in the kitchen with chefs who practice their craft.

The Catbird Seat is a culinary incubator that allows cooks to develop and express their culinary creativity without limits.

Twenty-two seats encircle the interactive U-shaped kitchen, where Chef Ryan Poli and his colleagues work tirelessly to make a multi-course dinner for visitors who watch.

Verdura’s Sara Gasbarra constructed a kitchen garden so that Poli and his team could excite their customers with fresh, seasonal products during their stay in the unique food theatre in the middle of Nashville.

At The Catbird Seat, the menu changes frequently and features a mix of classic and innovative dishes, hence its addition to our list of top restaurants in Nashville.


7. Henrietta Red

Henrietta Red
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Henrietta Red

Henrietta Red is an American restaurant, and oyster bar located in the heart of Germantown. It serves seasonal contemporary cuisines. Henrietta Red, the dream of chef Julia Sullivan, focuses on simple and fresh ingredients.

Unique natural wines and handmade cocktails compliment vegetable-forward cuisine and a broad selection of oysters. With a daily cava and oyster happy hour, changing traditional cocktail selections are also available.

Henrietta Red was named by Bon Appetit as one of America’s 50 Best New Restaurants in 2017 and one of the Best New Restaurants in America by GQ in 2018.

In 2018 Robb Report named Julia as one of America’s Best Young Chefs and one of Food & Wine’s Best New Chefs 2018.

8. The Farm House

The Farm House
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The Farm House

The Farm House is a farm-to-table restaurant in the heart of Nashville. Southern comfort food meals are created at the restaurant using locally available ingredients.

Menu offerings include shrimp and grits, fried chicken, and mac & cheese. The Farm House has a friendly environment and is a popular brunch and supper destination.

At the Farm House, a team of culinary professionals is dedicated to crafting delicious dishes and non-alcoholic beverages that will pamper your taste buds.

Every product, from fan favorites to handcrafted Farmhouse unique fusion creations, is produced with the most succulent and freshest ingredients available. Oh! don’t forget to try their expertly made mocktails, created by our trained mixologists.

9. Husk

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Husk is a Southern-inspired restaurant located in Rutledge Hill. The menu features locally-sourced ingredients and changes frequently based on what’s in season. Husk also has an impressive bourbon selection.

Located in historic downtown Charleston, Husk redefines the essence of Southern cuisine while also transforming what it means to cook and eat in the South. At Husk, there are some restrictions on what can be served. If it does not come from the South, it does not make it to the dish.

10. Acme Feed & Seed

Acme Feed & Seed
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Acme Feed & Seed

Completing our list of top-rated restaurants in Nashville is Acme Feed & Seed. Located in the heart of downtown Nashville, Acme Feed & Seed is a multi-level restaurant and entertainment venue that offers a unique dining experience.

With its rustic-chic decor and rooftop patio, Acme Feed & Seed is a popular spot for locals and tourists alike. The menu features Southern-inspired dishes made with locally sourced ingredients, including Nashville hot chicken, shrimp, grits, and pulled pork sliders.

Nashville has no shortage of great restaurants, but these ten are the cream of the crop restaurants in Nashville. Whether you’re in the mood for hot chicken or Italian cuisine, Nashville has something to offer. Be sure to visit any of these restaurants when next you are visiting Nashville.