Chinese Restaurants in San Antonio

Top 10 Chinese Restaurants in San Antonio

Every meal has a story. The meal reflects culture and tradition passed down from generation to generation in order to preserve the tribe’s legacy. The Chinese culture is one such culture that is proud to share its spicy, sour, and bitter cuisine with the rest of the world. This article on the top 10 Chinese restaurants in San Antonio shall explore the top Chinese restaurants in San Antonio where you can get classic Chinese food.

Chinese cuisine is quite popular all around the world. Their dumplings, fragrant teas, Peking roast duck, and fried shrimp have spread to nearly every part of the globe.

San Antonio is a beautiful city in Texas Hills Country with magnificent restaurants that serve Chinese dishes. It is considered a melting pot of numerous ethnicities, which is reflected in their food.

Top Chinese Restaurants in San Antonio

Some Chinese restaurants experiment with their dishes, infusing new flavors by merging various components. Top Chinese Restaurant in San Antonio, on the other hand, serves authentic and delicious Chinese cuisine that is loyal to its roots.

1. China Inn

China Inn
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China Inn

If you live in San Antonio and have yet to visit China Inn, you are missing out on a lot in life. China Inn is one of the best Chinese restaurants in San Antonio to get authentic Chinese cuisine served boiling hot.

The portions are generous and filling at the same time. Their Hunan chicken, shrimp, and beef is delectable, and if you haven’t tasted them yet, you should do so the next time you visit.

The service is kind, and the meal arrives on time. Everything from the food to the interior design to the management will make you feel at home.

2. Sichuan House

Sichuan House
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Sichuan House

Sichuan House is one of the most popular Chinese restaurants in San Antonio known for its unusual Sichuan dishes and for reinventing traditional meals. The meals are prepared at home style and presented family style.

Every meal is prepared to perfection. You should try their signature dish, garlicky cold noodles, which are quite mouthwatering. The ambiance is lovely, which adds to the total attractiveness.

Most of the time, the Restaurant is filled with customers, thus it’s best to make a reservation before going.

3. Sichuan Garden

Sichuan Garden
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Sichuan Garden

Sichuan Garden is one of the busiest Chinese restaurants in San Antonio serving tasty Chinese cuisine. The restaurant serves real and mind-blowing Chinese cuisine at a reasonable price.

Their dishes are so delicious that it’s tough to say which is the finest. However, you must sample Chef’s special delicacies, which are made with unique ingredients.

Try their eggplants in Garlic Sauce for some healthful veg, it’s incredibly lovely and tasty. The cheerful ambiance and courteous employees make you feel at ease. Their Hot Pot recipes are delicious and will keep you coming back for more.

4. Hot Joy

Hot Joy
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Hot Joy

Hot Joy, one of the top Chinese restaurants in San Antonio, will remind you of China. With trendy Chinese décor, entering into the restaurant will seem like walking down a street in China.

A hungry person looking for authentic Chinese food will find the lanterns, illumination, and inlaid tables to be therapeutic.

For many years, Hot Joy has delighted foodies with the best Chinese food in San Antonio. Customers’ favorite dish is their Twice Fried Chicken. The chicken is so crispy and juicy that you won’t want to share it.

Don’t forget to taste their creative and tasty cocktails. Drinks like the Chi-Chi, Mai Tai, and Doctor Funk go well with food.

5. Golden Wok

Golden Wok
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Golden Wok

Connie Andrews founded Golden Wok, which happens to be one of the best Chinese restaurants in San Antonio. Her perseverance and consistency paid out, and her experience demonstrates that you don’t have to be Chinese to cook Chinese food.

Golden Wok dishes are made using traditional Chinese recipes and fresh, hand-picked ingredients. The Golden Wok is a taste symphony; each dish repeats fantastic flavors. Its dimsums are highly recommended.


6. Ming’s

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Ming’s, located on Elmira Street, is an excellent choice for Chinese cuisine. Chef Ming Qian, who was born and raised in Beijing, oversees the kitchen. The chef and her crew are skilled at innovating and creating delectable dishes with stunning textures, colors, and flavors.

They provide a fantastic selection of stuffed buns with beef, chicken, pork, and cheese. Its coconut pandan rice pudding is a must-try. The interiors are stunning, and you can also dine ijn their incredibly comfortable patios in the sun.

7. Dimsum Oriental Cusine

Dimsum Oriental Cusine
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Dimsum Oriental Cusine

Dimsum Oriental Cuisine serves a wide variety of delectable dumplings. These soft and delicious dumplings are served in lovely brown bamboo baskets.

This restaurant has a really cheerful atmosphere and is a terrific spot to visit with family and friends. On Saturdays, dim sum carts would move across the tables, serving authentic dim sum. In addition to dim sum, you can have broth, buns, noodles, and sticky rice.

8. Tang Street

Tang Street
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Tang Street

Tang Street is one of the most popular Chinese restaurants in San Antonio, known for its delectable appetizers. Its soup dumplings (referred to on the menu as “Steam Pork Buns”) are silky and soothing to the tongue, leaving you tickled and wanting more.

This restaurant also provides takeout, so you may get your favorite cuisine packed up so you can enjoy it at home while watching your favorite show. Don’t forget to order one of their “Tang St Special” dishes.

9. Wild Goji Restaurant & Bar

Wild Goji Restaurant & Bar
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Wild Goji Restaurant & Bar

Looking for authentic Asian cuisine that is both delicious and healthy? Then you should go to Wild Goji Restaurant & Bar right now.

The restaurant offers Goji-based foods that are not only tasty but also nutritious. Goji berries are high in beta carotene, which supports healthy skin and acts as an immune booster.

This restaurant delivers a wide range of classic and innovative rolls with delectable fillings. They also provide a good selection of drinks that are worth sampling.

The Wild Goji Margarita, a blend of tequila, orange juice, triple sec, cherry juice, and their magical ingredient, Goji berries, is their most popular and favorite signature drink.

If you don’t want Chinese, you can get some Japanese food, such as sushi.

10. Gin’s Chinese Restaurant

Gin’s Chinese Restaurant
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Gin’s Chinese Restaurant

Gin’s Chinese Restaurant is an old establishment, but it serves authentic Chinese cuisine that will delight your taste buds. This restaurant is a hidden gem known for its amazing food and outstanding service.

The dish has fantastic flavors that will definitely hit you. The Orange Chicken tastes zesty, juicy, and crispy. Their Crab Rangoon and Fried Rice are excellent.


When you step into the daring world of Chinese food in San Antonio, you are in for a gourmet journey unlike any other.

With our list of the top 10 Chinese restaurants in San Antonio, you will be able to enjoy the magic and culture that Chinese cuisine brings all around the city.