Upscale restaurants in Dallas

Top 15 Upscale Restaurants in Dallas With Fine Dining

Beautiful design, tables with tables, and of course, delectable food. Nothing quite compares to celebrating life and all of its riches than dining at a great restaurant. Forget all your troubles and experience what can only be compared to royalty with the exquisite service and good treatment that is a staple in Dallas restaurants. You can’t go wrong with any of the restaurants on our list of the best upscale restaurants in Dallas.

The gorgeous city of Dallas is a fusion of fun, culture, and history, but a trip there is never complete without experiencing delicious cuisine in unique restaurants that meet all cravings and dreams.

Upscale Restaurants in Dallas

With our list of 15 upscale restaurants in Dallas, we have you covered whether you’re looking for a classy steakhouse, a stunning view to indulge in seafood, or some amazing Mexican cuisine. That said, let’s dive in.

1. Meridian

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One of the most celebrated and upscale restaurants in Dallas. Meridian has some of the most amazing modern Brazilian cuisines. You can choose the four-course meal that allows you to create your own leisurely tasting menu (you can add wine pairings for just a little more).

Alternatively, for something a bit more relaxed, take a seat in the bar area or outside under a tree lighted by string lights and order from the a la carte menu while enjoying a traditional caipirinha.

2. Bullion

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Would you like to eat French food in Dallas? Bullion on South Record Street is one of the best upscale restaurants in Dallas, serving this wonderful French cuisine. This elegant restaurant blends French cuisine in a casual setting.

Celebrating an event in Bullion is a terrific idea, whether you’re planning a date with your special someone or a little dinner gathering with your friends. It is also exciting to know that the restaurant also offers breathtaking views of Dallas!

3. Ocean Prime

Ocean Prime
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Ocean Prime

One of the best upscale restaurants in Dallas for delicious seafood is probably Ocean Prime. Additionally, it’s an amazing location for romantic dates and business dinners.

In addition to the main dining area, they also feature private dining rooms and a temporary outdoor terrace. No one has to travel to Dallas to sample Ocean Prime’s fantastic seafood offerings because there are locations across the nation.

4. Fearing’s Restaurant

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Fearing’s restaurant

Fearing’s Restaurant, housed in the iconic hotel The Ritz-Carlton Dallas, offers the standard of excellence and ambiance one would expect from such a restaurant.

With its rustic atmosphere, huge windows that look out over the hotel’s garden, wooden furnishings everywhere, and leather seating, Fearing, one of the best upscale restaurants in Dallas gives you the feel of contemporary southern hospitality.

Regarding the food, Chef Dan Fearing, known as the “father of Southwestern cuisine” created an enhanced version of American cuisine with a lovely Southwestern flair.

5. Monarch

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Monarch is a contemporary Italian restaurant that was founded by two Michelin-star chef Danny Grant and his team. Visitors are welcome to experience the pinnacle of great dining in one of the coolest upscale restaurants in Dallas.

Delicious fresh and light cuisine is served in this stylishly decorated restaurant. Handmade pasta, exquisitely prepared steaks, and freshly caught seafood are also available.

6. SER Steak + Spirits

SER Steak + Spirits
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SER Steak + Spirits

Steakhouses are typically thought of as being laid-back places but trust SER Steak + Spirits to take your steak-eating to a whole new level. This posh restaurant in the Hilton Anatole in Dallas is well-known for its quality cuts and mouthwatering seafood menu.

As you enjoy sweeping vistas of Dallas, tuck into some of the juiciest steaks from the South. After your meal, finish the evening with one of the bar’s homemade drinks, and you’ll have a fantastic night in one of the best upscale restaurants in Dallas.

7. Dover’s Grille

Dover's Grille
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Dover’s Grille

The Omni Dallas Hotel at Park West is home to Dover’s Grille, which takes pride in providing the healthiest breakfast options to hotel visitors, hence one of the best upscale restaurants in Dallas.

The “Art of Breakfast” menu includes organic cereals, fresh fruit, all-natural breakfast meats, and Starbucks coffee that is grown in the shade.

The eatery also offers a lunch and dinner menu that has won awards and traditional comfort foods like top-notch steaks, best mac & cheese, and fresh seafood.

The atmosphere in the restaurant is relaxed and cool, and it’s the kind of place where you just want to enjoy a delicious dinner and engaging discussion with your loved ones.

8. Mansion Restaurant

Mansion Restaurant
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Mansion Restaurant

This elegant restaurant in Dallas dazzles visitors with its beautiful architectural design that is spread all about. It feels as though you’ve entered your own castle thanks to the stained-glass windows, the hand-carved fireplace, the intricate finishings, and the grand arches.

The meal is impressive since it is a blend of American cuisine with French elements. It is served with wine, which a resident sommelier helps you select from their cool wine collection. Unquestionably one of the best upscale restaurants in Dallas.


9. Abacus

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Abacus see its menu items as an artistic expression since they challenge your taste buds by often experimenting with new meals while also exposing its customers to flavors they never knew existed.

Their menu blends flavors from the American Southwest, Pacific Rim, and the Mediterranean using only locally grown and sourced ingredients.

You can order meals such as the Hardwood Grilled Cervena Venison, Roasted Bandera Texas Quail, and Lobster-Scallion “Shooters” (topped with Red Chile-Coconut Sake).

You can see and taste new flavors they create in their open kitchen, try Abacus, and experience royalty in one of the best restaurants in Dallas.

10. Pyramid Restaurant

Pyramid Restaurant
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Pyramid Restaurant

The Pyramid Restaurant, a four-star restaurant that was inspired by the farm-to-table movement, is dedicated to using only organic, locally sourced, and sustainably produced ingredients.

The 3,000-square-foot herb and vegetable garden, the largest restaurant garden in the area, brings its fresh-market philosophy to life. The menu features classic recipes with a modern twist.

This Dallas fine dining restaurant adheres to its mission by keeping everything simple and modern, and its dress code is smart casual.

11. Urban South Dine

Urban South Dine
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Urban South Dine

Locals rate Urban South Dine as one of the best upscale restaurants in Dallas. It features a relaxed atmosphere and excellent food that connects its menu to the region’s origins.

Everything on its menu shows Southwestern cuisine, which has gained international recognition. Dishes like the Fresh Cut Pork Chop with Sweet Potato Soufflé and Urban Burger with Truffle Fries will make you see why the locals enjoy dining there.

12. Cadot Restaurant

Cadot Restaurant
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Cadot Restaurant

Cadot Restaurant, a family-run business, is another excellent dining option and one of the best upscale restaurants in Dallas. Since the early 1700s, the family has been in the restaurant, hotel, and bread industries.

Enjoy the superb cuisine prepared by Jean-Marie Cadot, a native of Paris who spent his childhood working at the family restaurant.

13. The French Room

The French Room
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The French Room

One of the best upscale restaurants in Dallas is The French Room, which has received numerous awards even from food critics. Their five-course tasting menu changes frequently and offers wine pairings. The cuisine is influenced by French culinary customs and methods.

The restaurant is furnished with plush upholstered furnishings, marble floors, and two Italian Murano Glass chandeliers inspired by European architecture. A 42-piece selection of modern artworks by artists with strong ties to Texas is also available.

The French Room will have you enthralled the entire time you’re there because it delivers the glitz and timeless European artistry in both art and cuisine.

14. Grill & Vine

Grill & Vine
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Grill & Vine

With its 26-foot high ceilings, bistro-style design, long communal bar, and amazing city views, Grill & Vine serves as an example of what a modern grill and bar might look like.

Grill & Vine serves traditional American dishes using products from local farmer partners. At the bar, they have a large selection of draft beers and wines, and it is also great to enjoy your drinks while looking at the city skyline.

You must dress in business casual to dine at the restaurant, which is inside the Westin Dallas Downtown.

15. Carte Blanche

Carte Blanche
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Carte Blanche

Carte Blanche, one of the best upscale restaurants in Dallas was opened in June 2021. It serves a selection of house-baked treats for breakfast that are made with the best butter and regional ingredients.

Customers can pick between the restaurant’s tantalizing 5- and 12-course set menus for dinner. Carte Blanche is the first restaurant in Texas to receive five Forbes stars, and also the only five-star restaurant in the entire country.


The aim of a great dining experience is to give you memorable moments to remember and treasure for the rest of your life.

As Dallas continues to develop, restaurants are bound to pop up on a daily basis making it increasingly difficult to choose.

In our list of the 15 best upscale restaurants in Dallas, you are sure to find the best of the best. You could visit any and we bet you will agree with our judgment.