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16 Fun Things to Do in Tulsa

Tulsa, Oklahoma, is a vibrant city burgeoning with cultural experiences, outdoor adventures, and an array of fascinating landmarks. Whether you are a history buff, an art admirer, or someone who loves to explore new cities, Tulsa has myriad activities to offer. 

In this vibrant post, we are discussing the fun things to do in Tulsa that you shouldn’t miss! From the architectural beauty of the Boston Avenue Methodist Church to the melodies flowing from the Woody Guthrie Center, we have the perfect list to make your stay unforgettable.


1. Uncover the Architectural Marvel of Boston Avenue Methodist Church

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Boston Avenue Methodist Church

When it comes to the fun things to do in Tulsa, marveling at the spectacular details of the Boston Avenue Methodist Church is a must. Not only is this church an active place of worship, but it’s also a masterpiece of Art Deco architecture.

– Take a guided tour to appreciate the intricate designs and the stained-glass windows. 


– Learn about the church’s history and its unique style, which draws visitors from around the world.

– Don’t forget to bring a camera; the church’s intricate designs are a photographer’s delight.

This towering structure is not just a place of faith; it’s a monument of history and artistry, radiating tranquillity and an awe-inspiring presence.

The Marvel of Boston Avenue Methodist Church can be found at 1301 S Boston Ave, Tulsa, OK 74119, USA. 


2. Step Into History at The Gilcrease Museum

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The Gilcrease Museum

The Gilcrease Museum is an art lover’s haven, it is one of the fun things to do in Tulsa and it houses vast collections of American art and artifacts. Explore the galleries to see works from the American West and artifacts from Indigenous American tribes. You can also take a stroll through the museum’s charming themed gardens and experience nature. At Gilcrease Museum, you can attend a workshop or a gallery talk to enhance your understanding of American art.

With its sweeping views of the Osage Hills, the museum provides not just art, but also a picturesque setting for a day of cultural immersion. Want to learn about history? Then visit the museum located at 1400 N Gilcrease Museum Rd. Tulsa, OK 74127, United States. 

3. Visit the Wild Side at Tulsa Zoo (fun things to do in Tulsa)

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Tulsa Zoo

Add a wild touch to your itinerary with the fun things to do in Tulsa by spending a day at the Tulsa Zoo.

  • Come face-to-face with exotic animals from around the globe.
  • Explore the African Plains or the Lost Kingdom exhibits to see majestic lions and inquisitive meerkats.
  • Join a zookeeper chat to learn fascinating wildlife facts.

A day here is an educational journey for kids and a refreshing outdoor activity for adults, making it a fabulous family destination! Tulsa Zoo is at 6421 E 36th St., Tulsa, OK 74115, USA, Visit this zoo, and be glad you did. 

4. Dive Into the Watery Wonders at Oklahoma Aquarium

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Oklahoma Aquarium

Discover an underwater odyssey at the Oklahoma Aquarium in Tulsa, where a myriad of captivating marine creatures beckons visitors to explore the wonders of the deep blue sea. Located at 300 Aquarium Dr., Jenks, OK 74037, USA, this aquatic adventure offers a unique and immersive experience unlike any other. Dive into a world of aquatic beauty and fascination at the Oklahoma Aquarium.

From mesmerizing displays of colorful fish to interactive exhibits showcasing the diverse ecosystems of the ocean, the Oklahoma Aquarium promises a fun and educational outing for all ages. Prepare to be amazed as you embark on a journey through this extraordinary underwater world, where every corner of the ocean comes to life before your eyes. This is one of the best fun things to do in Tulsa.

5. Tulsa Performing Arts Center

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Tulsa Performing Arts Center

For culture enthusiasts, the Tulsa Performing Arts Center is a hub of vibrant performances.

– Witness world-class shows ranging from ballet to Broadway.

– Immerse yourself in the captivating atmosphere of an evening performance.

– Check their calendar and book tickets in advance to catch renowned traveling shows.

In the heart of downtown Tulsa, this venue is the crown jewel of the city’s performing arts scene, promising an evening of unforgettable entertainment.

A performance here is astonishing, which makes it one of the best fun things to do in Tulsa.

6. Explore the Quirky Charm of The Cave House

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The Cave House

Next on our list today of fun things to do in Tulsa is to explore the Cave House, and the Cave House stands out among Tulsa’s attractions with its quirky charm and storied past. If you would love to visit the cave house, we advise you to take a tour to learn about the house’s eccentric history and rumored speakeasy origins. 

You can also snap quirky photos in this unique, cave-like structure. And don’t forget to discover hidden nooks and crannies filled with colorful stories. Its blend of architectural oddity and historical intrigue ensures the cave house is a site you will be talking about long after your visit. The cave house has its very own feel when you visit it, which makes it one of the best fun things to do in Tulsa.

7. Discover the Musical Genius at Woody Guthrie Center

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Woody Guthrie Center

Located at 102 Reconciliation Way, Tulsa, OK 74103, USA, the Woody Guthrie Center offers a captivating glimpse into the life and legacy of the iconic musician Woody Guthrie. Immerse yourself in his world through interactive exhibits that showcase original recordings and handwritten lyrics of this folk legend.

Visitors are encouraged to engage with the rich history of Guthrie’s work and attend musical performances or educational events in the center’s intimate setting. Delve into the roots of American folk music and experience the impact of Guthrie’s powerful storytelling firsthand at this unique cultural destination and enjoy some fun things to do in Tulsa. 


8. Embark on Your Own Tulsa Tale (fun things to do in Tulsa)

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Downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma

From architectural wonders to cultural thrills, our exploration of fun things to do in Tulsa has covered noteworthy landmarks and hidden gems alike. Whether you’re creating memories at the Boston Avenue Methodist Church, enjoying a live show at the Tulsa Performing Arts Center, or learning about wildlife conservation at the Tulsa Zoo, every experience brings its unique flavor to your Tulsa travel story.

Complete your visit by diving into the arts at The Gilcrease Museum, going aquatic at the Oklahoma Aquarium, uncovering history at The Cave House, or reveling in the musical heritage at the Woody Guthrie Center. Embark on your adventures and leave no stone unturned as you discover why Tulsa is a treasure trove of American culture and spirit.

9. BOK Center (fun things to do in Tulsa)

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BOK Center

Downtown also houses the impressive BOK Center, a venue that hosts a diverse range of captivating sporting events, shows, and concerts. This versatile arena, appreciated by locals and visitors alike, showcases spectacular performances by renowned names and top-tier teams. Recognized as an architectural gem, the modern and chic stadium incorporates design elements inspired by Native American and Art Deco styles. Its exterior is adorned with stainless steel panels and a glass facade, creating a striking visual appeal. Inside, a spacious and well-lit lobby welcomes patrons to the expansive arena.

As a significant component of downtown’s ongoing revitalization efforts, this gleaming center opened its doors in 2008 and currently serves as the home for the Tulsa Oilers. Beyond thrilling ice hockey matches, attendees can experience unforgettable performances by acclaimed artists like Billy Joel, Dua Lipa, U2, and more. This is one of the best fun things to do in Tulsa.

10. Explore the Tulsa Air and Space Museum

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the Tulsa Air and Space Museum

One of the fun things to do in Tulsa is to explore the Tulsa Air and Space Museum. The Tulsa Air and Space Museum is a captivating destination for aviation enthusiasts and history buffs alike. Located at 3624 N 74th E Ave., Tulsa, OK 74115, USA, this museum offers a range of exhibits, interactive displays, and educational opportunities that showcase the fascinating world of aerospace.

Visitors to the Tulsa Air and Space Museum can immerse themselves in the rich history of aviation through engaging exhibits. From the early pioneers of flight to the technological advancements of modern aircraft, the museum’s collection spans decades of innovation. Explore the evolution of flight through the museum’s curated displays, which include vintage planes, artifacts, and memorabilia. The beauty of this place makes it one of the fun things to do in Tulsa.

11. Route 66 (fun things to do in Tulsa)

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Route 66

Fun things to do in Tulsa, boasting numerous historical attractions linked to Route 66, offer a captivating drive along the segment of this iconic highway that courses through the town. Alongside appealing Art Deco structures and nostalgic roadside inns, you’ll encounter imposing signs, statues, and vintage service stations. Referred to as the ‘Main Street of America’ or the ‘Mother Road,’ this retired route once spanned the city from east to west, crossing the Arkansas River. Today, a 26-mile stretch of road within Tulsa preserves dozens of landmarks from its golden era.

While some of the old hotels, theaters, and gas stations show signs of age, others have been thoughtfully maintained, featuring new markers and monuments. Notable attractions include classic eateries adorned with memorabilia, the East Gateway Arch, and Cyrus Avery Centennial Plaza – the halfway point of this historic route. Visit Route 66 today and enjoy some fun things to do in Tulsa. 

12. Visit the Philbrook Museum of Art

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Philbrook Museum of Art

Next on our list of fun things to do in Tulsa is to visit the Philbrook Museum of Art, which is a must-visit destination for art enthusiasts and cultural explorers in Tulsa, It is located at 2727 S. Rockford Rd., Tulsa, OK 74114, USA. This renowned museum houses a diverse collection of global artwork, spanning centuries and continents. From ancient artifacts to modern masterpieces, the Philbrook Museum offers visitors a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of art.

One of the museum’s highlights is its stunning gardens. These meticulously landscaped grounds provide a tranquil setting in which to relax and appreciate the beauty of nature. Perfectly manicured lawns, vibrant flowers, and serene water features create a picturesque backdrop for art and inspiration.

Additionally, the Philbrook Museum constantly showcases engaging exhibitions that captivate visitors. These exhibitions encompass a wide range of artistic styles, themes, and mediums, offering visitors a diverse and thought-provoking experience with every visit. This is a very fun things to do in Tulsa.

13. Shop and Dine in the Blue Dome District

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the Blue Dome District

We added this to fun things to do in Tulsa because, the Blue Dome District is a vibrant neighborhood at 320 E 2nd St., Tulsa, OK 74120, United States, that offers visitors a delightful mix of shops, restaurants, and nightlife. Whether you are a shopaholic, a foodie, or someone who loves to experience the local culture, the Blue Dome District has something for everyone.

When it comes to shopping, the district boasts an eclectic range of boutiques, art galleries, and specialty stores. From trendy fashion and unique home decor to handmade crafts and locally sourced products, you’ll find many treasures waiting to be discovered.

If you are a food lover, the Blue Dome District won’t disappoint. The district is known for its diverse culinary scene, offering a wide selection of cuisines to satisfy every palate. Whether you are craving Mexican, Italian, Asian, or good old American comfort food, you’ll find excellent options to tantalize your taste buds.

After indulging in some retail therapy and delicious meals, the Blue Dome District comes alive with its vibrant nightlife. From trendy bars and lounges to live music venues and dance clubs, there are plenty of entertainment options for a fun-filled evening. Whether you are looking for a relaxed atmosphere to unwind or a lively spot to dance the night away, the Blue Dome District has it all. This is also one of the best fun things to do in Tulsa.

14. Discover the Gathering Place

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the Gathering Place

Tulsa’s list of fun things to do in Tulsa is incomplete without a visit to Tulsa’s Gathering Place, a renowned park known for its diverse recreational opportunities, making it an essential stop for anyone looking to engage in fun activities in Tulsa. 

Whether you are exploring the city with family, and friends, or embarking on a solo adventure, the Gathering Place caters to a wide audience, ensuring that everyone can find something appealing within its grounds. The park’s allure lies in its ability to provide a world-class experience, offering an array of attractions and amenities that cater to various interests and preferences, promising a memorable visit for all visitors seeking entertainment and leisure in Tulsa.

15. Golden Driller (fun things to do in Tulsa)

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Golden Driller

The Golden Driller stands proudly as a tribute to Tulsa’s rich oil heritage, symbolizing the essence of the International Petroleum Exposition.

As the nation’s sixth-tallest statue, he has graced the landscape in front of the Tulsa Expo Center since 1966, becoming an enduring emblem of the city’s connection to the oil industry. A visit to this iconic landmark, especially during the appropriate season, also offers the opportunity to experience the vibrant atmosphere of the Tulsa State Fair. And add this to the list of fun things to do in Tulsa. 

16. Soundpony Bar (fun things to do in Tulsa)

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Soundpony Bar

Situated in the heart of Tulsa’s Art District, The Soundpony Bar beckons with its quaint charm and inviting ambiance, providing the perfect setting for an unforgettable night out. With wallet-friendly offerings like $3 beers and delectable cocktails, your budget is in for a pleasant surprise.

Embrace the diverse range of entertainment and events, from live music to trivia nights and comedy shows, ensuring a delightful and engaging experience every visit. Kindly add this to your fun things to do in Tulsa list and thank me later. 

Conclusion-15 Fun Things to Do in Tulsa 

Tulsa presents a wide array of captivating and varied attractions and things to do that are suitable for individuals of all ages and preferences. Whether you are keen on delving into the region’s vibrant history and cultural heritage at renowned establishments like the Philbrook Museum of Art or the Woody Guthrie Center, or you prefer immersing yourself in the natural beauty at Turkey Mountain Urban Wilderness and the Tulsa Botanic Garden, the city has something to offer to everyone. These attractions allow visitors to explore a mix of artistic and historical treasures as well as the serene wonders of the outdoors, making Tulsa a versatile destination for a memorable and enriching experience.

For those seeking adventure, the Tulsa Air and Space Museum provides a thrilling experience, while the Gathering Place offers endless opportunities for outdoor recreation. Live performances at the Brady Theater and river cruises on the Arkansas River showcase Tulsa’s vibrant entertainment scene and scenic beauty.

Whether you are shopping and dining in the vibrant Blue Dome District or unraveling the mystery of the Center of the Universe, Tulsa never fails to impress. The Tulsa Zoo, Tulsa Greenbelt Trail, and the captivating Center of the Universe are just a few examples of the many unforgettable experiences waiting to be had in this bustling city. 

Frequently Asked Questions (fun things to do in Tulsa)

What are some fun things to do in Tulsa?

There are plenty of fun activities to enjoy in Tulsa! Some popular options include exploring the Tulsa Air and Space Museum, hiking through Turkey Mountain Urban Wilderness, visiting the Philbrook Museum of Art, and experiencing the Gathering Place.

What can I see at the Tulsa Air and Space Museum?

The Tulsa Air and Space Museum offers a variety of exhibits and interactive displays that showcase the history and advancements in aviation and space exploration. Visitors can learn about aircraft from different eras, and space missions, and even try their hand at flying simulators.

What can I do at Turkey Mountain Urban Wilderness?

Turkey Mountain Urban Wilderness is a fantastic outdoor destination with numerous hiking trails, mountain biking routes, and nature-watching opportunities. It’s a great place to immerse yourself in nature and enjoy stunning views of the surrounding landscape.

What should I know before visiting the Philbrook Museum of Art?

The Philbrook Museum of Art is known for its diverse collection of art, both traditional and contemporary, from around the world. Visitors can admire beautiful paintings, sculptures, and decorative arts. The museum also features stunning gardens, making it a perfect place to enjoy both nature and art.

What is the Gathering Place?

The Gathering Place is a remarkable park in Tulsa that offers an array of recreational activities and beautiful landscapes. It includes playgrounds, sports areas, picnic spots, and even a skate park. There are also scheduled events and concerts throughout the year.

What kind of performances can I see at the Brady Theater?

The Brady Theater is a historic venue that hosts a variety of live performances, including concerts, comedy shows, and theatrical productions. It’s a great place to catch both local and internationally renowned artists in an intimate setting.

What can I expect at the Woody Guthrie Center?

The Woody Guthrie Center is a tribute to the iconic American folk musician. Visitors can explore exhibits that delve into Guthrie’s life and work, view rare artifacts, and participate in educational programs centered around folk music and social activism.

What is Tulsa’s best-kept secret?

A hidden gem in Tulsa is the intricate network of underground tunnels beneath the bustling streets of downtown. Each tunnel holds a distinctive tale, some initially constructed for transporting freight and others designed to facilitate the discreet movement of businesspeople between skyscrapers.

How can I experience a river cruise on the Arkansas River?

Tulsa offers scenic river cruises along the Arkansas River, where you can enjoy stunning views of the city’s skyline and waterfront attractions. Various boat operators offer tours with informative commentary and optional dining options.

What can I see at the Tulsa Zoo-fun things to do in Tulsa?

The Tulsa Zoo is home to a wide range of animals from all over the world. Visitors can see lions, giraffes, elephants, and many other fascinating species. The zoo also offers interactive exhibits and educational programs for a more immersive experience.

What is the center of the universe?

The Center of the Universe is a unique attraction in Tulsa, known for its mysterious acoustic anomaly. When you stand in the center of a specific location, your voice will reverberate strangely, creating an unusual experience that visitors find fascinating.

What can I find in the Blue Dome District-fun things to do in Tulsa?

The Blue Dome District is a trendy neighborhood in Tulsa that boasts a vibrant atmosphere. Visitors can explore a variety of shops, dine at eclectic restaurants, and enjoy the nightlife scene with live music and entertainment venues.

What can I see at the Tulsa Botanic Garden?

The Tulsa Botanic Garden offers a stunning display of gardens, including themed areas like the Children’s Discovery Garden and the impressive A.R. & Marylouise Tandy Floral Terraces. Visitors can take strolls, learn about different plant species, and enjoy seasonal floral displays.

What can I do on the Tulsa Greenbelt Trail- fun things to do in Tulsa?

The Tulsa Greenbelt Trail is a scenic pathway along the Arkansas River, perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. Activities include walking, jogging, cycling, and observing wildlife. The trail is also a great way to enjoy the beauty of Tulsa’s riverfront.