Fun Things to do in Tri-Cities

20 Fun Things to do in Tri-Cities

The Tri-Cities (Richland, Kennewick, and Pasco) are a confluence of the Snake, Yakima, and Columbia Rivers. Apart from its uniqueness in Geography, it also has a favorable climate and there are alot of Fun Things to do in Tri-Cities


It is located in the fast-growing suburban region in southeastern Washington. Residents of Tri-Cities enjoy warm weather almost all year round.

There are a lot of activities one can engage in when on a visit to the Tri-Cities. 


Join me to check out these 20 things you can do when visiting the Tri-Cities:

1. Hanford Nuclear Reservation

Fun Things to do in Tri-Cities

Credits: ENERGY.GOV [CC BY-SA 3.0], Wikimedia Commons

Hanford Nuclear Reservation

Hanford Nuclear Reservation, located in Washington, was formerly a nuclear production complex, a 580-square-mile site. Six of her nine nuclear production reactors have been sealed in interim safe storage (ISS). 


The World’s first plutonium production reactor, “Project B,” is on this site. This reactor is known for producing plutonium used in making the atomic bomb, which caused the tragedy of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and ended the Second World War. 

This facility is used for positive reasons currently, as it’s a living document of the success of the Manhattan Project and the bravery of our past war heroes. 

2. The REACH Museum

Fun Things to do in Tri-Cities

Credits: Wqg5088 [CC BY-SA 4.0], Wikimedia Commons


The REACH Museum

The REACH Museum is an excellent place for history lovers to visit whenever you go to Tri-Cities; this Museum has a stunning facade look you would admire even before going inside. When you finally step inside, this interactive Museum will uncover the forces that made the Tri-Cities and its environs, like the Manhattan Project and Ice Age Floods, to you. 

The REACH Museum has a performing arts area of 500 – seat arena, where you can attend shows showing the history of Tri-Cities.


A tour guild will be advised to take you around this REACH Museum. 

The REACH Museum is at 1943 Columbia Park Trail, Richland, WA 99352. 

3. 9/11 World Trade Center Memorial Monument

Fun Things to do in Tri-Cities

Credits: Lieutenant Colonel Juanita Chang, U.S. Army [CC BY-SA 3.0], Wikimedia Commons


9/11 World Trade Center Memorial Monument

Are you visiting Tri-Cities? Then this spot should be on your to-do list to see. You can pay your respects to the 2,977 lives lost on September 11, 2001, in the terrorist attack on Twin Towers, without going to the actual ground. 

The memorial is located in Kennewick, and it was unveiled in 2011, five years after it was first constructed. 


4. Howard Amon Park

Fun Things to do in Tri-Cities

Credits: Kirk Bagley [CC BY-SA 3.0], Wikimedia Commons
Howard Amon Park

Howard Amon Park is a park in Tri-Cities to learn paddle boarding. The park allows you to meet with locals who offer lessons in stand-up paddleboarding alongside community paddles and paddleboard yoga. 

These experts will teach you good paddling techniques, including the basics such as adjusting the paddle to your height, standing and kneeling on the board, and returning after a fall.  

Learning to paddleboard in a group is best because fees tend to be subsidized as more people join the Class. 

5. Gesa Carousel of Dreams

Fun Things to do in Tri-Cities

Image Source: wanderlustandlipstick
Gesa Carousel of Dreams

Gesa Carousel of Dreams was initially made and launched in Silver Beach Amusement Park, Michigan. This Carousel was passed on to different owners and locations before landing in Washington State. 

Gesa Carousel of Dreams exists as the restored 108-year-old Charles Carmel hand-carved merry-go-round. Each of the horses in this ride took ten years to be completed. 

This Carousel may seem old, but very safe to ride. Having a ride on this historic carousel is free, but donations can be made for maintenance and operational cost. 

This attraction offers a variety of food choices like pizza, nachos, burgers, and more. You may buy food and drinks from its concession Kitchen or food shops nearby.  

6. Columbia Park

Fun Things to do in Tri-Cities

Image Source: comogives
Columbia Park

Columbia Park is a public park in Benton County, Washington, United States, and it spreads out 400 acres along the banks of the Columbia River. It’s one of the most famous and significant in the area. 

This location has a fascinating history, with the famed Lewis and Clark Expedition navigating here many years ago. 

Both locals and visitors alike are attracted to Columbia Park every single day for all kinds of recreational activities like hiking and biking. 

This park features boat launches if you want to get on the river. It also offers a disc golf course for the whole family, an ample grassy space, a fishing pond, and a private golf course. 

7. Toyota Center

Fun Things to do in Tri-Cities

Image Source: houstoniamag
Toyota Center

Toyota Center happens to be one of the main event epicenters in the city of Kennewick. This multi-purpose venue was launched in 1988 as the Tri-Cities Coliseum. Toyota Center has the Tri-City Americans hockey team play here and has a seating capacity of about 6,000 persons for hockey games. 

This center can also be used for live shows and music events. Bands like Alice Cooper, Slipknot, and KISS have used this center for shows in the past. 

Professional wrestling events and religious and children’s events are hosted here yearly; for concerts, the venue can hold over 7,700 persons. 

8. Badger Mountain

Fun Things to do in Tri-Cities

Image Source: tricitiesbusinessnews
Badger Mountain

Badger Mountain is not for hikers alone, as bikers too can enjoy trailing on this road. This is ranked 10th among bike climbs in the state in terms of difficulty. 

This is an uphill climb, so prepare to get your adrenaline pumped. Brace yourself, as it will be a bumpy ride in some areas. However, the road is generally smooth. 

You will enjoy the picturesque view of the Columbia Basin as you pedal this path. 

Lovely plants like purple sagebrush and balsamroot are seen when trailing this path.

9. East Benton County Historical Society and Museum

Fun Things to do in Tri-Cities

Image Source: ebchs
East Benton County Historical Society and Museum

Located at 205 W Keewaydin Dr., Kennewick, WA 99336 is the East Benton Historical Society and Museum, which was founded back in the 1980s which are a notable museum in downtown Kennewick. 

Old-time farm tools are on display, and the Museum paints a picture of the history, culture, and heritage of Benton County. 

The staff is welcoming and hardworking. They always watch out for new photos, artifacts, and other items to add to the ever-increasing East Benton Historical Society and Museum collection. 

When next you plan a trip to the Tri-Cities, then East Benton Historical Society and Museum is a place to be; the Museum opens Tuesday – Saturday (12 pm to 4 pm) but closes Sundays and Mondays.

10. Bartholomew Winery

Fun Things to do in Tri-Cities

Image Source: bartholomewestate
Bartholomew Winery

Bartholomew Winery is located in downtown Kennewick. The winery makes unique wines, and the winery’s specialties include Tannat, Carmenere, Counoise, Malvasia Bianca, and Sagrantino. 

Don’t worry if these grapes seem foreign; you can have their samples in the tasting room before buying. 

Bartholomew Winery aims to produce unique bottling that can’t be seen anywhere in the World. 

The wine club can be joined at no cost. 

If a bottle of wine is being purchased, you don’t have to pay the winetasting fee. 

11. The South ridge Sports and Event Complex

Fun Things to do in Tri-Cities

Image Source: go2kennewick
The South ridge Sports and Event Complex

Gauging 52 acres, the South crest Sport and Event Complex is a vast playground for sports lovers and families searching for exercise. 

You can share in some friendly contests at the open gym, where you can play volleyball, soccer, basketball, and pickleball.

Kids can have fun at the playground or splash pad when visiting with them.

HUB Building is available for people who would love to take a break. The building is furnished with a concession stand and restrooms. 

12. Coyote Canyon Mammoth Site

Fun Things to do in Tri-Cities

Image Source: visitthereach
Coyote Canyon Mammoth Site

This is a paleontology dig site excavating some of the Mammoth bones who lived in the area thousands of years ago. 

You can visit this site during your tour in the Tri-Cites to learn more about paleontology and the ice age in the area. 

13. Winetasting tour in Benton City

Fun Things to do in Tri-Cities

Image Source: Viator
Winetasting tour in Benton City

A visit to Tri-Cities without a winetasting tour will not be complete. Tri-Cities is called the “Wine Country” because it has over 200 wineries to explore within an hour’s drive. 

Some wineries you can visit include MonteScarlatto Estate winery, the Anelare, Native Sun Wines, Muret-Gaston Wines, and Purple Star Wines.

While tasting these fine wines, you can have a view of their fantastic views overlooking the Yakima Valley and Red Mountain.

Attend the winetasting hours, as some are open on selected weekdays, while others are open on weekends. 

14. Water2Wine Cruise

Fun Things to do in Tri-Cities

Image Source: water2winecruises
Water2Wine Cruise

Another thing I will recommend you do in Tri-Cities is the Water2Wine Cruise which provides an exclusive and classified treatment. 

Delight the absorbing evening as you plod along the Columbia River on a luxury yacht. You would enjoy the original wine of Tri-Cities and the lovely dinner made by the yacht’s cook. 

Some amenities and facilities complete this vessel, and you and your loved one can enjoy them throughout the three-hour Cruise. 

15. Bechtel National Planetarium

Fun Things to do in Tri-Cities

Image Source: tri-cityherald
Bechtel National Planetarium

Bechtel National Planetarium, which features high-definition projected images and life-like exhibits, is located at Columbia Basin College.

This Planetarium has a way of inspiring your Kids to be great scientists in the future. 

Booking to visit this place can be made online, or you purchase a ticket at the venue. 

16. Sandollar Farms Alpacas & Pyrs

Fun Things to do in Tri-Cities

Image Source: greenbaypressgazette
Sandollar Farms Alpacas & Pyrs

Want to meet furry, wooly friends in The Tri-Cities? Then visit Sandollar Farms Alpacas & Pyrs located at 2001 S Washington St, Kennewick, WA 99337. This is one of the things to do in the Tri-Cities. This farm rares Suri alpaca, a rare alpaca breed famous for its top-quality and luxurious fleece. 

Sandollar Farms Alpacas & Pyrs rares some bird and bee species. You will see gardens and lovely orchards where you can pick and eat fruits directly from the trees. 

Just before you leave, you can purchase souvenir items from their boutique. A good number of them are made using alpaca fleece.

17. Calvary Chapel Tri-Cities

Fun Things to do in Tri-Cities

Image Source: flickr
Calvary Chapel Tri-Cities

The Calvary Chapel Tri-Cities is situated west of downtown Kennewick; this Chapel offers a serene, homely space for the community and visitors to assemble in worship. 

Special events, including live Christina music performances, retreats, kids camp, and bible study groups, are also held here.

The Chapel aims to bring the community together. As it’s always open to visitors and new members, making it a perfect location for anyone seeking spiritual wisdom or guidance in the Tri-Cities. 

18. Sacagawea Heritage Trail

Fun Things to do in Tri-Cities

Credits: DJ Cane [CC BY-SA 4.0], Wikimedia Commons
Sacagawea Heritage Trail

Sacagawea Heritage Trail is a multi-use trail that links the three cities of Kennewick, Richland, and Pasco. This trail is named after Sacagawea.

Hikers and Cyclists can enjoy the trail as it offers a unique experience to people of all ages. 

Want to have fun at the Tri-Cities? Then add Sacagawea Heritage Trail to your list of top things to do in Tri-Cities, WA. 

19. Columbia Center Mall

Fun Things to do in Tri-Cities

Image Source: visittri-cities
Columbia Center Mall

Columbia Center Mall is the principal city’s leading shopping destination. Located in the northwest part of Kennewick, the Columbia Center Mall is among the Simon chain, and it’s the largest mall in all of Southeast Washington, boasting over 120 stores. 

In Columbia Center Mall, you can check through various clothing stores, including sporting goods, footwear, and gifts. 

There is also a significant playing ground for Kids and many eateries ranging from coffee shop chains and snacks to complete restaurants.  

20. WSU Master Gardener Demonstration Garden

Fun Things to do in Tri-Cities

Image Source: wsu
WSU Master Gardener Demonstration Garden

Washington State University has three Master Gardener Demonstration Gardens. 

You may visit Jennings Park Demonstration Garden and Evergreen Arboretum Demonstration Garden Border. 

You can learn different gardening techniques to integrate into your terrain. 

The serenity of the environment would make you appreciate the garden more. WSU features over 24 especially-themed gardens that alter from time to time. 

Children’s garden for the younger ones is also available here. 

Best time to visit Tri-Cities

I will suggest spring and fall are the best times to visit Tri-Cities. During spring and fall, the weather is sunny without getting too hot, and everything on the list is a good bet during these periods. 

Summer can be scorching, and winter can be freezing. 

Where to eat in the Tri-Cities

There are a lot of delicious eats to be found in the Tri-Cities, from fine dining to food trucks and everything in between. Some restaurants are closed or have more limited hours on Sundays and Mondays, so check opening hours if you have a particular location at heart. 

Electric Vehicle Charging

At Starbucks near the airport, there is high-speed charging available there. On the drive from Seattle, there is a setting in North Bend, Snoqualmie Pass, Cle Elum, Ellensburg, Yakima, and Prosser. On the drive from Portland, it is fast charging in Hood River and The Dalles.

Also, between Spokane and Tri-Cities, there is fast charging in Connell and Ritzville. 

Annual Community Events in the Tri-Cities


  • Sportsman’s Show
  • Tri-Cities Family Expo


  • Father-Daughter Ball
  • RadCon (science fiction & fantasy convention)
  • Regional Home & Garden Show
  • Three Rivers Craft Brew and Bacon Festival


  • Custer’s Annual Spring Arts & Crafts Show
  • Tri-City Quilter’s Guild Quilt Show
  • Vintage at the Ridge


  • Youth Fishing Day


  • Classy Chassy Car Show
  • Lakeside Gem & Mineral Club’s Annual Rock ‘n’ Gem Show
  • Ye Olde Car Club Auto Parts Swap Meet and Antique Car Display


  • Speedfest: Cool Desert Nights Car & Motorcycle Show
  • Sacajawea Bluegrass Festival & Dutch Oven Rendezvous


  • Art in the Park
  • Drums Along The Columbia
  • Grand Old 4th Parade & Celebration
  • Miss Tri-Cities Pageant
  • River of Fire Festival
  • Tri-Cities Waterfollies Hydroplane Racing and Air Show


  • Benton-Franklin County Fair & Rodeo


  • Chefs on Parade To Go
  • Christ the King Sausage Fest
  • Corvettes on the Columbia
  • Fiery Foods Festival
  • Mid-Columbia Duck Race
  • Parade of Homes
  • Sacajawea Heritage Days
  • Senior Picnic
  • Three Rivers Tattoo Convention
  • Tri-Cities Women’s Expo
  • Tumbleweed Folk Music Festival


  • Fall Home Show
  • Fall Senior Times Expo
  • Middleton’s Fall Festival
  • Southeastern Washington Cavalcade of Bands
  • Tour d’ Arts
  • Tri-Cities International Film Festival
  • Tri-Cities Women’s Expo


  • Custer’s Arts & Crafts Show
  • Tri-Cities Ski Swap & Snowboard Sale Note: TBA


  • Christmas Lighted Boat Parade
  • Desert Plateau Neighborhood Luminaria
  • First Night Tri-Cities
  • Lampson Cable Bridge Run
  • Senske Holiday Light Show

Frequently Asked Questions about Tri-Cities

What are the top attractions sites to visit in Tri-Cities?

The top attractions to visit in the Tri-Cities are:

  • Howard Amon Park
  • Gesa Carousel of Dreams
  • Hanford Nuclear Reservation
  • 9/11 World Trade Center Memorial Monument
  • Columbia Park

What are the best outdoor activities in Tri-Cities?

The best outdoor activities in the Tri-Cities are:

  • Howard Amon Park
  • Columbia Park
  • Badger Mountain Centennial Preserve
  • Sacagawea Heritage Trail
  • Pedego Tri-cities (Electric Bikes) 


Tri-Cities is a perfect destination with lots of fun things to do.  

Whether you’re after the performing arts, witnessing one of their cultural fests, or looking after a sightseer destination to enjoy, there’s no end to where you can visit for fun in the Tri-Cities!  

Lovers of nature, enthusiasts of historical antecedents, and goers of theaters likewise will all see some intriguing destinations here! 

Have fun!