Chinese Restaurants Houston

Top 10 Chinese Restaurants in Houston

Houston, as one of the most culturally diverse cities in the country, is a melting pot of cultures that has resulted in a thriving culinary industry. The food scene includes an ever-increasing number of Chinese and non-Chinese restaurants. To help you find great Chinese restaurants in Houston, we shall explore in this post some of the best Chinese restaurants in Houston, based on the food served, services rendered, and customer evaluations.

Houston’s Chinese food scene has evolved in the last decade, spreading beyond the area’s initial Chinatown in what is now EaDo to busy Asia towns in southwest Houston and Katy.

Boasting of fine restaurants serving wonderful Chinese dishes made the traditional way and with the finest ingredients.

Top Chinese Restaurants in Houston

From the bustling Chinatown to Houston’s trendiest districts, the Chinese food scene in Space City has something for everyone! Here are some of the best Chinese restaurants in Houston, offering a mix of traditional and modern cuisines from across China.

1. Mala Sichuan Bistro

Mala Sichuan Bistro
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Mala Sichuan Bistro

Mala Sichuan Bistro, one of the best Chinese restaurants in Houston, is a great alternative for spice lovers. It was founded by a couple who wanted to bring authentic Sichuan cooking to the Houston Chinese food market.

Smoked duck, cumin beef, water-boiled fish, tea, and pot-roasted tilapia are among the dishes on the menu. Besides this, the restaurant does an excellent job of marking allergens, including gluten, making it ideal for any Chinese food enthusiast who must avoid soy sauce.

2. Hu’s Cooking

Hu's Cooking
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Hu’s Cooking

Hu’s Cooking is located close to the Medical Center and is one of the top Chinese restaurants in Houston.

Hu’s Cooking offers mouth-numbing bliss that only Sichuan cuisine can provide. Shabu shabu lamb, cumin lamb, mapo tofu, and Taiwanese beef noodle soup are all worth a try.

It serves Sichuan and Taiwanese foods and bills itself as a mix. If you’re not a fan of spicy food, let your waitress know. Also, some of Hu’s Cooking meals can be quite hot.

The restaurant is popular, so expect the crowd (and the parking to be difficult to find). However, the prices are reasonable, and the personnel is courteous and attentive.

3. Golden Dumpling House

Golden Dumpling House
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Golden Dumpling House

This Asia Town restaurant is one of the most Amazing Chinese restaurants in Houston and a great choice for cheap dumplings by the plateful. You can get them, steamed, boiled, or fried, along with a variety of noodle meals and cold appetizers, at the cash-only counter.

Order the pork and leek dumplings when they are on offer. You can also add your own soy, vinegar, and chile sauce to go with them.

4. Fu Fu Cafe

Fu Fu Cafe
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Fu Fu Cafe

Fu Fu Café is a modest restaurant, yet one of the best Chinese restaurants in Houston. It is a no-frills Chinese eatery that serves food till late at night. Fu Fu is the spot to go at 1 a.m.

If you crave soup dumplings, Fu Fu Cafe is the place to be as the dish is reasonably priced and filling. The scallion pancakes, pork pan-fried dumplings, and sizzling black beans with mixed shellfish are all standouts.

You can always stroll a few doors down to a boba tea shop or have some shaved ice since Fu Fu Café is in the heart of Houston’s Asian town in Bellaire.

5. Mein Restaurant

Mein Restaurant
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Mein Restaurant

Mein Restaurant is a great place to taste Cantonese food in a modern and stylish setting. The restaurant’s goal is to serve “everyday food” that reflects what the average Cantonese immigrant would consider standard fare.

The menu is extensive, but some standouts include the cold hand-pulled chicken, char siu pork, crispy duck leg, and fresh house-made noodles.

Wine, beer, and coffee are also available, as are a range of desserts like lava toast, gelato, and sugar egg puffs, a Chinese donut.


6. Ginger & Fork

Ginger & Fork
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Ginger & Fork

Ginger & Fork, one of the best Chinese restaurants in Houston, is a stylish, comfortable bistro with modern twists. Most of the dishes on the menu are Cantonese. This restaurant is ideal for plant-based Chinese food lovers.

There are many vegan and vegetarian alternatives on the menu, including fried cauliflower, fried mushroom fries, and herbivore fried rice.

There is also an extensive wine, cocktail, and spirits selection on the menu. The curry-coated noodles, bone brittle fish appetizer, and steel pot are among the standouts.

7. Spicy Girl

Spicy Girl
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Spicy Girl

Spicy Girl is one of the trendiest Chinese restaurants in Houston. It’s a Sichaun-style restaurant boasting hot chile oil dumplings as a menu highlight, as well as other standouts including curried noodles and mapo tofu.

Customers also enjoy the Beijing duck trio. Three courses of roasted duck are presented. It’s sliced first and served with gua bao buns. The thigh and leg are then stir-fried. The bones are used to make duck soup for the final course.

Another popular meal is the popcorn chicken, though you should be aware of the tongue-numbing effects of the Sichuan peppercorns and the overall spice level. The restaurant’s name is not just for the show.

8. One Dragon Restaurant

One Dragon Restaurant
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One Dragon Restaurant

One Dragon Restaurant is a family-owned Shanghai dish restaurant. It’s a small restaurant with limited seating, but the food is awesome. The crispy-bottomed dumplings and soup dumplings are the primary attractions here.

The onion pancakes and braised pork belly are also very delicious. The restaurant is fairly traditional, so expect a red-bean dish for dessert. If you dislike waiting, try to avoid peak hours as the restaurant could get quite crowded.

9. Tan Tan Restaurant

Tan Tan Restaurant
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Tan Tan Restaurant

Tan Tan Restaurant has been a part of Houston’s restaurant landscape for 35 years, serving a delectable blend of Chinese and Vietnamese cuisine.

It serves classic Chinese dishes such as chow mein and hot and sour soup, bo luc lac shaking beef rice, and Vietnamese hot pot. Traditional comfort meals such as congee (rice porridge) and noodles are available, as are platters of lobster and Peking duck.

10. Qin’s Noodle Kitchen

Qin’s Noodle Kitchen
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Qin’s Noodle Kitchen

Qin’s Noodle Kitchen is a no-frills, casual cafe yet one of the top spots in Houston to enjoy Chinese food. The meal is usually served family-style and is a blend of Chinese and Taiwanese foods.

The house special Dan Dan noodles, beef pancakes, noodle soup with scallops and shrimp, and noodles in bean sauce are all favorites.

Since the restaurant is primarily self-service, the costs are relatively reasonable. If you dine in, you will receive a free egg drop or sweet and sour soup.


If you crave Chinese food, there are plenty of options to choose from in Houston. Of course, you could always go for a more Americanized option like sesame chicken or General Tso’s as they’re inexpensive and easy to get.

With so many choices available, the issues remain where to get true traditional Chinese food. You don’t have to worry about it since the restaurants on this list of the best 10 Chinese restaurants in Houston are sure to wow! you.