Foods That Start With O

Top 15 Foods That Start With O in the World

It can be somewhat of a headache to name 15 foods that start with O if your kid asks. You may think you know it all, but it may surprise you that you don’t. This article will arm you with names of foods that start with O.

If you are trying a new dish that starts with ‘o’ or just cooking through the alphabet ‘o’, this article is all you need.

This letter ‘o ‘recipe contains a few familiar dishes and some that are not to keep things interesting.

Top Foods That Start With O in the World

Brace up as we tour the fascinating world of foods that start with o.

1. Olallieberry

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Olallieberry is an aggregate fruit from the Rosaceae family. It is a crossbreed of loganberry, blackberry, and youngberry. It looks like a blackberry. It’s shiny on the outside with a closed stem end.

Olallieberry was created by George F. Waldo at Oregon State University in 1949 for the USDA. It has a balanced blend of tartness, sweetness, and a soft, juicy feel.

Since it has a sweet-tart taste, olallieberry is used in making jams, tarts, milkshakes, pies, smoothies, and ice cream. This berry is filled with lots of essential nutrients.

Taking olallieberry can boost the immune system, improve digestion, and lower blood pressure.

2. Olive

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Olive is in the family of Oleaceae. It is a round and elongated fruit. There are many species of olives–some of which are harvested prematurely and still green.

Olive has a slightly sweet and salty taste and a hard texture. Olive is the main source of olive oil, an essential piece in Mediterranean cuisine.

The olives that are harvested for food are called table olives. When used for cooking, they give a refreshing, aromatic flavor.

They are usually used to make snacks, pasta dishes, appetizers, stews, salads, dips, and baked foods. They are loaded with vitamins and antioxidants and are great for heart and bone health.

3. Oroblanco

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Oroblanco is a big grapefruit that is a hybrid species that belongs to the Rutaceae family. It is an oval or round, thick, and spongy rind fruit with a yellow flesh and lots of seeds.

Oroblanco has a nice aroma with a sweet taste. It has no acidic or bitter taste. Oroblanco is a crossbreed of pomelo and a white grapefruit.

Do you care for a little fun fact? Oroblanco or oro blanco was first advertised with the name sweetie, to show its sweet flesh.

Because of its sweetness, oroblanco can be eaten raw. Oroblanco is used in the preparation of marinades, sorbets, and flavor dressings. It is loaded with fiber, vitamin C, and antioxidants.

4. Orange

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Orange is a colorful fruit from the citrus family. It is smaller than a grape but bigger than a tangerine with an oval, globular shape. It has a pulp packed in a tight sac and juicy flesh.

It is said to be a hybrid of mandarins and pomelos. It has a juicy aroma and a sweet, sour, or acidic taste which depends on the species.

Orange has three main types: mandarin oranges, sweet oranges, and sour oranges. It can be eaten raw or as an ingredient in a dish.

Cocktails, muffins, cakes, granola, soft drinks, smoothies, cookies, and candies are usually prepared with oranges.

Eating orange, which is loaded with vitamin C will help you fight colds, diarrhea, cramps, constipation, cough, colic, and bronchitis.

5. Oatmeal

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Oatmeal is made from steel-cut or milled hulled oats. Oatmeal is a quick and simple breakfast to make. It is a flexible dish that can be customized just the way you want with ingredients of your choice.

Oatmeal is loaded with good fibers which boosts digestive health. The fiber content can be increased by adding fruits and nuts to the mix. Oatmeal usually comes plain or flavored.

6. Oats

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Oats are a type of grain mainly used as oat milk and oatmeal. Oats are also a common livestock feed.

Oats can be eaten in many ways, such as oatmeal for breakfast, oat milk for your coffee, or as a cooking ingredient for some extra texture.


7. Oblea

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Oblea is a classic dessert in Mexico and other Latin American countries. The dessert is made up of thin wafers with a sweet filling.

Arequipa or Dulce de leche can be use to fill oblea. A lot of people make oblea at home with whipped cream, cheese, jam, or fruit fillings.

This can be paired with raspberry cheese, marmalade, sauce, condensed milk, coconut, or chocolate toppings.

8. Opal Apple

Opal Apple
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Opal Apple

The opal apple is a species of apple from the Rosaceae family. It is large to medium with a beautiful appearance. It is usually yellow-colored with brown dots.

Opal apple has a sweet, tart, tangy taste similar to banana, pear, and coconut. It is usually taken fresh most of the time but can also be used in delicious dishes.

It is an essential ingredient in a lot of pies, appetizers, cakes, muffins, and tarts. Opal apples also used in making t is used in making dishes like soups, dips, salsa, or apple sauces, and drinks like cocktails, fruit punches, carbonated beverages, and mocktails.

9. Osteen Mango

Osteen Mango
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Osteen Mango

Osteen mango is a species of mango that originated in Florida. It is the type that grew from another mango cultivar called Haden. It is oblong in shape with purple-colored skin.

Osteen mango is popular for its production characteristics, color, and flavor. It has a sweet taste, fiberless flesh, and a juicy texture.

10. Ogbono Soup

Ogbono Soup
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Ogbono Soup

Ogbono soup is a Nigerian soup prepared with dry, ground ogbono seeds. There are many versions of ogbono soup, depending on the area you are in.

Ground ogbono seeds are used as a thickener for ogbono soup. They give the soup its darker color as well. Meat, fish, cowskin (kpomo), and other ingredients are usually added to give soup extra flavor.

11. Ogi

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Ogi is a Nigerian fermented cereal pudding made from maize, sorghum, or millet.

The grains are soaked in water for about three days, before being sieved to remove any husks and wet-milled. The filtered product is allowed to ferment for another two or three days.

12. Okra

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Okra is a vegetable that is popularly called ladies’ fingers. It is in the family of cocoa, cotton, and hibiscus. It has a fuzzy skin with torpedo rod shape. It has a spongy membrane filled with many seeds.

Okra has a slight grassy flavor with a crunchy feel. It is well-known for its sap which adds to its gelatinous texture.

It is loaded with folate, vitamin K, and iron. It helps red blood cells and hemoglobin production as well as blood clotting.

13. Onion

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Onion, one of the most cultivated vegetables, belongs to the genus Allium. It is a cousin of garlic, scallion, leek, and chive.

Onion has a pungent flavor with a taste that depends on its variety. The different types of onions are red onions, sweet onions, white onions, shallots, yellow onions, and scallions.

Onion is used to spice up foods. It can be baked, grilled, caramelized, roasted, or deep-fried and added to dishes, salads, sandwiches, soups, stir-fries, and dips.

Onions have sulfur compounds which adds to their intense smell and taste. These compounds help to lower cholesterol and are good for the heart.

14. Ortanique

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Ortanique, a natural tangor is a citrus crossbreed of the sweet orange and mandarin orange. It is more commonly known as a tangor.

It has an easy-to-peel thick rind, with bright orange pulp that is sour and sweet, and full of citrus goodness. Ortaniques are usually eaten fresh, with their rinds peeled off.

15. Oysters

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Oyster is a common name for this salt-water mollusk that lives in water.

Oysters have been eaten since medieval times, and are also usually used as aphrodisiacs. They are often eaten raw or served over ice. They are also served half shell with lemon or Tabasco sauce, or with shallot vinaigrette.

Instead of swallowing it whole, try chewing it to enjoy its delicious taste. You should try the oyster liquor as well as. Ensure the oysters are served chilled on crushed ice so they are as fresh as possible.


That was a bit of a long list of foods that start with O. You surely learnt about a lot of foods that start with O you probably had never heard of.

There are other foods that start with O not listed in this article, so keep the fun blazing by adding yours.