10 Foods That Help Hair Growth 

Many foods help hair growth Healthy hair growth, and your hair growth is determined by how much effort you put into making that happen. 

To encourage your hair growth, we have explained 10 healthy foods that help hair growth. Be rest assured these foods are packed with vitamins and minerals to boost your hair growth. 


Foods That Help Hair Growth

Many people admire long, beautiful hair but need to learn how to key in the necessary energy to realize their Repunzel dream, which obviously cannot be done in a day or two but with consistency. 

There are so many factors that affect hair growth, they include, age, exposure, dieting, genetics, and overall well-being. Although most of these factors can’t be changed, good dieting will replace all your losses.


Below is a list of foods that help hair growth, and their benefits.

1. Spinach

Foods That Help Hair Growth
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First on our list of Foods that help hair growth is Spinach. If there is one food your hair needs, it is Spinach. You may not have noticed, but spinach is packed with tons of nutrients like vitamin A, iron, Folate, Vitamin C, and beta-carotene. 

All these nutrients encourage hair growth, and if you have brittle hair, then you should have some Spinach on your diet. Spinach makes your hair shine

2. Eggs

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Eggs contain a large amount of biotin, zinc, and protein which are essential for hair proteins. A deficiency in hair protein can lead to hair loss. However, this can be cured by consuming eggs. 


If you are looking forward to having a fulfilling amount of hair, then adding eggs to your list of foods that help hair growth is important. 

3. Oysters

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Another on the list of foods that help hair growth is Oysters. This sea food is highly rich in zinc which is very important for hair growth. 

Lack of zinc can promote a high ton of telogen efflivium which is a common reason for hairlod. Therefore,  consuming at least one oyster a day will provide your hair with the right supplement to reverse hair loss.  Fun fact, even your lashes can enjoy the benefits of oysters and grow longer. 

4. Greek  Yoghurt

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Greek Yoghurt

The next one on the list of foods that help hair growth is Greek yogurt. This is an important ingredient for your hair because it increases the blood flow to your scalp. It contains vitamin B also known as pantothenic acid and Priobotics. 

Vitamin B fights hair thinning and loss while the probiotics help your body absorb nutrients that are good for hair growth.

Taking Greek Yoghurt is very good for your hair, and it is one food to not overlook if you want that Rapunzel hair. You can add yogurts to your smoothies and parfaits. 

5. Avocado

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Avocados are very famous. They are filled with healthy fats and biotin and are usually used for hair masks. Study shows that vitamin E deficiency is one major factor that exists in people experiencing hair loss. Your hair needs Vitamin E, which can be found in avocados. 

So, If you are looking for a way to nourish your hair and encourage a good volume of hair growth, you should consider avocados. You can add them to your salads or sandwiches or add them to your hair mask, 

6. Berries

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Berries are also foods that help hair growth. They are loaded with really great compounds and vitamins that may be good for hair growth. Berries are rich in antioxidants as a result of the presence of vitamin C.

Taking berries will increase your chance have having healthy hair. Finding berries is not a hard nut to crack, they are sold in almost all your popular food stores. So, make sure you are adding them to your diet, either in fruit salads or as your dessert.

7. Fatty Fish

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Fatty Fish

Here is Fatty fish on our list of foods that help hair growth. Fishes like Salmon, mackerel, and herring are good for your hair growth. They contain omega 3 fact acids which have been diagnosed to be responsible for hair growth. 

These nutrients help to reduce hair loss. Additionally, fatty fish contain a great amount of protein, vitamin D3, B vitamins, and selenium. These are all nurtures that can help for healthy hair growth. 


8. Sweet Potatoes

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Sweet potatoes

Sweet Potatoes are a great source of beta-carotene. When you consume sweet potatoes, your body converts it to vitamin A. Vitamin A is associated with healthy hair growth. 

You should watch out for vitamin A deficiency if you want to grow your hair. Consuming the right amount of this nutrient is very beneficial for your hair journey. 

9. Nuts

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Nuts are also foods that help hair growth. They are very tasty and contain several essential for hair growth nutrients. Studies have found Vitamin E, Vitamin B, zinc, and a handful of fatty acids. 

The deficiency in these nutrients usually leads to hair loss, so you have to step up your game and add this food to your diet. 

It is also interesting to know that nuts can be beneficial for your health. They reduce inflammation and lower your chance of having heart disease. 

10. Cirus Fruits

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Citrus Fruits

Fruits like oranges, lemons, berries, and grapefruits contain a healthy amount of Vitamin C. You are wondering why vitamin C is so important, it helps to improve blood circulation, encourage hair growth, and protect hair follicles from damage. 

To avoid the lack of vitamin C in your hair, you should take some vitamin C-filled fruits and berries. These foods help hair growth and your overall well-being. 


Whether you are starting a fresh hair growth or picking up a new hair habit, you need these healthy hair growth tips. 

As the popular saying would go, “You are what you eat”, taking healthy foods that help hair growth should be a priority.

These foods that help hair growth, are not just for your hair, but can also be beneficial to your health, so go ahead and kill two birds with one stone. After going through this page, we hope you go ahead and make some positive changes to your diet.