Foods That Increase Sperm Count

Foods That Increase Sperm Count Very Fast

Are you and your partner experiencing fertility issues?  Just know that you’re not alone. We have foods that increase sperm count here for you. Infertility is more common than you might think.

Staying active, minimizing stress, and making changes to your diet and lifestyle can help support male fertility. Certain supplements may also be beneficial for increasing sperm count as well.


The fact that some men are suffering from low sperm count that leads to infertility, scares everyone, especially men.

However, sperm health is the last thing on the minds of most men. How nutrition impacts sperm is even farther away from our collective consciousness.


So why is the quality of sperm decreasing? Is this really a problem? Can we blame it on the foods we’re eating? Sometimes yes, so let’s get into the list of foods that increase sperm count without stress.

Healthy Foods That Increase Sperm Count

There are a lot of foods that increase sperm count and some of them are listed below:

1. Bananas

Image Source: Medical News Today

Bananas are one of the foods that increase sperm count because they contain the best Vitamins such as A, B1, and C which help the body manufacture healthier and stronger sperm cells.

The sperm count also depends on these vitamins. Bananas are rich in these vitamins and contain a rare enzyme known as Bromelain.


This enzyme prevents inflammation as well as helps the body improve sperm quality and count.

2.  Maca Root

Image Source: Medical News Today
Maca Root

Maca, also known as Ginseng Andin, Peruvian Ginseng, Lepidium meyenii, or Lepidium peruvianum, is a relative of radish and smells similar to butterscotch.

Maca root is also used to make medicine which can help in the increase of sperm count. Taking maca root supplements may improve libido, as well as fertility and sexual performance.

The root is a popular plant food that originated in central Peru. Traditionally, it has been used for its ability to enhance libido and fertility.

3. Tomatoes

Image Source: Healthline

On the list, one of the foods that increases sperm count tomatoes, usually in their purest form, are a proven antioxidant in relation to male fertility.

Tomatoes have this nutrient known as lycopene, which gives the fruit (vegetable in the eyes of some) the red coloring, which may boost the fertility of men.

4. Garlic

Image Source: Taste

Garlic is mostly used as a spice in food because it has a strong aroma that makes the food delicious and has health benefits.

Garlic is a great baby-making booster for your man; this is because it contains two magic elements, known as allicin and selenium.

Allicin improves blood flow to the sexual organs and protects sperm from damage, while selenium, is an antioxidant that improves sperm motility. One to two cloves a day is a good amount.

5. Asparagus

Image Source: The Fountain Avenue Kitchen

Asparagus is another weapon that fights against those nasty free radicals. It is also a pack of vitamin C.

This vitamin C protects sperm from damage and increases its motility and volume so your partner will have more swimmers and they’ll move faster.

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6. Ginseng

Image Source: Healthline

Do you know that ginseng is one of the foods that increase sperm count because this aphrodisiac root has been used to treat infertility for hundreds of years?

Ginseng boosts the levels of testosterone and increases blood flow to the genitals, with some claiming it even treats erectile dysfunction.

Get your man to drink tea with ginseng, or take dried ginseng root each day for a TTC boost.

7. Walnuts

Image Source: Healthshots

Walnuts contain Omega-3 fatty acids which help in increasing sperm count and boost blood flow to the genitals.

They’re a tasty on-the-go snack and can be sprinkled on cereal or dessert. Other good sources of omega-3 fatty acids are crab, salmon, chicken, and pumpkin seeds.

8. Zinc-rich Foods

Image Source:The Times of India
Zinc-rich Foods

Food that has zinc plays a huge role in the production of sperm cells, these foods include barley, beans, red meat, etc.

These foods should be included in your diet to have a higher sperm count because a deficiency of zinc can even lead to a decrease in sperm motility, reducing fertility.

9. Spinach

Image Source: Real Simple

Aside from other leafy vegetables spinach contains folic acid as an integral part of this vegetable which works for the healthy development of sperm.

Leafy vegetables are generally rich sources of folic acid and spinach is an ideal supplement to include in your diet.

Higher levels of folic acid also reduce the number of abnormal sperms in the semen thereby increasing the chances of successful penetration of the sperm into the egg.

10. Pumpkin Seeds

Image Source: NYT Cooking
Pumpkin Seeds

One of the components found in Pumpkin Seeds known as Phytosterol improves testosterone production in the body.

This helps in the increase of the sperm count and fertility. These seeds also contain omega-3 fatty acids that improve blood circulation and increase semen volume.

11. Broccoli

Image Source: Healthline

Broccoli contains Vitamin A which plays a vital role when it comes to sperm production.

Any deficiency in vitamin A can result in low fertility because a lack of vitamin A makes your partner’s sperm sluggish.

Broccoli is packed with vitamin A, as are red peppers, spinach, apricots, sweet potatoes, and carrots.

12. Oysters

Image Source: The Independent

Oysters should be one of your partner’s favorite foods he needs an increase in sperm count because it is the best source of zinc, which helps in sperm production.

Oysters are also an aphrodisiac, this just added another benefit to what oysters can offer to your health, so load him up with 15mg a day of around 50g of oysters and you’ll be making babies before you know it!

If your wallet or stomach can’t stretch to that much, other great sources of zinc are turkey, pumpkin seeds, lobster, and mussels.

13. Citrus fruits

Image Source: The Spruce Eats
Citrus fruits

It is well known that antioxidant plays a major role in maintaining good health, and this has been well established.

Citrus fruits contain antioxidants such as Vitamin C which plays a crucial role in increasing male fertility.

Drinking orange or grapefruit juice that contains 100 percent fruit juice can provide the same benefits as consuming these fruits directly.

For those who do not prefer drinking juice, adding fresh lemon juice to their water can also be an effective way to increase sperm count.

In conclusion, sperm quality is one of the prime factors that affect fertility. Like any other organ in the human body, the reproductive system relies on the nutrients and vitamins supplied to it.

So be cautious about what you eat because foods can influence the reproductive health of a person positively.