Mexican Restaurants in Kansas City

Top 10 Mexican Restaurants in Kansas City

Kansas City’s culinary culture has thrived in recent years, which means the city’s Mexican dish selections are better than ever. While casual chips and salsa happy hour bars continue to dominate, there is a sudden bloom of new concepts that value local ingredients, craft skills, and one-of-a-kind menus. So join us as we tour top Mexican restaurants in Kansas City offering delicious Mexican dishes the traditional way.


Mexican food is usually prepared with quality ingredients. This has turned the food scene in Kansas City into a multibillion-dollar restaurant industry in the United States.

Most Mexican restaurants in the U.S. call their food Tex-Mex because they blend Mexican flavors with American components such as hard-shelled tacos, cheddar cheese, and flour tortillas.


Top Mexican Restaurants in Kansas City

When it comes to Mexican restaurants, Kansas City is an untapped gem. Here are the top 10 Mexican restaurants in Kansas City, serving everything from traditional Mexican to American fusion dishes.

1. Zocalo Mexican Cuisine & Tequileria

Zocalo Mexican Cuisine & Tequileria
Image Source: zocalokc Zocalo
Mexican Cuisine & Tequileria

The Crab Stuffed Avocado Salad and the Roasted Mushroom Enchilada are two of its special delicacies. The unique thing about the Roasted Mushroom Encilada is that, despite being a vegetarian dish, it is filling and tasty.

In the center of the square, Zocalo, one of the best contemporary Mexican restaurants in Kansas City, serves a modern twist on Mexican cuisine and a large range of tequila in a vibrant, contemporary atmosphere. They’ve added new items to their menu, so check it out when next you crave a Mexican dish.

2. Dos De Oros Taqueria

Dos De Oros Taqueria
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Dos De Oros Taqueria

This fantastic Tex-Mex restaurant, one of the top Mexican restaurants in Kansas City, has everything you could want in Mexican food. Enjoy their ever-popular salsa verde with street tacos and tostadas to get into the true Mejicano spirit.


Another amazing option is their steak, which pairs beautifully with avocado salsa. They are recognized for being incredibly generous with their portions, so you will undoubtedly leave the restaurant content and full, but yearning for more.

3. Manny’s Mexican Restaurant

Manny's Mexican Restaurant
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Manny’s Mexican Restaurant

Manny’s is yet another amazing Mexican restaurant with well-prepared meals and a warm and modest atmosphere that will captivate you from the moment you walk in.

Reviewers have praised the Mexican meal served at Manny, which, by the way, is one of the top Mexican restaurants in Kansas City, and have stated they would return for the atmosphere and the delicious Mexican food. So if you crave Mexican food, then visit Manny’s.


4. Jarocho Authentic Mexican Seafood

Jarocho is one of the most popular Mexican restaurants in Kansas City, well-known for its fried red snapper, stuffed filet, and fire-grilled seafood. If you like seafood and Mexican dishes, this is the place to go.

Reviewers have praised the homey and cozy atmosphere of Jarocho, as well as the daily specials that are easily accessible no matter what day of the week you visit.

5. El Pollo Rey

El Pollo Rey
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El Pollo Rey

El Pollo Rey is one of the famous Mexican restaurants in Kansas City among locals because of its low costs and excellent Mexican dishes. Most of the guests think the chicken to be royal, as the name implies.


This eatery is frequently crowded on weekends, which, while a positive sign, means you’ll have to reserve your spot in advance. Try the fire-grilled chicken with homemade tortillas, rice, avocado, beans, and salsa. If you can handle a little heat, go for the salsa.


6. The Bite

The Bite
Image Source: ubereats
The Bite

If you’re looking for something other than tacos and quesadillas, try The Bite, one of the most beautiful Mexican restaurants in Kansas City. Try the Alambre or the Seor Chang, which comes with queso, jalapenos, sriracha, beef short ribs, and other ingredients.


However, as the name implies, this restaurant is famous for its array of original and distinctive sandwiches, and you are sure to be impressed with any of them.

7. Drunken Worm

Drunken Worm
Image Source: hotelmousa
Drunken Worm

This is a great Mexican restaurant loved by its customers. As the name implies, this is an alcoholic restaurant, so be prepared to indulge in their amazing cocktails and inventive beverages, such as the infused tequilas.

In terms of food, try this eatery out for its vast selection of tacos, such as shrimp tacos. You should try the chicken slices and steak as well. When there is a game on, this bar will be quite crowded, so make your plans appropriately.


8. Chelly’s Cafe

Chelly's Cafe
Image Source: thepitchkc
Chelly’s Cafe

Chelly’s Cafe is one of the top Mexican restaurants in Kansas City and is known for its excellent Mexican cuisine, cozy sit-down atmosphere, and peaceful live music on weekends, making it a much needed addition to this list. You should try the Enchiladas Supreme, chipotle cream enchiladas or the fajita pork burrito.

In terms of drinks, the frozen strawberry margarita is a major favourite, though it could be a touch too strong for certain persons. This restaurant gets crowded on weekends, which is a good indication, but you may need to place your reservation ahead.

9. El Camino Real

El Camino Real
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El Camino Real

El Camino Real, which can be translated as the ‘Royal Walk’, is one of the best Mexican restaurants in Kansas City. This restaurant will truly make you feel royal as you try their wide vast collections of dishes, from the Pico De Gallo to the Al Pastor tacos.

The food is prepared fresh, unlike most Mexican restaurants that make their food beforehand and heat it as customers come in.

The restaurant is small and has a personal feel, which means you get to see the chef making your tacos right from your seat. Try the salsa only if you can handle some real spice.

10. La Fonda El Taquito

La Fonda El Taquito
Image Source: eater La Fonda El Taquito

This is yet another lovely dine-in Mexican spot with live music on weekends, making it an amazing place to go for a relaxed evening.

The atmosphere is very Mexicano, which just adds to the overall, while the food is mouth-watering. try the fried taco platter with onion enchiladas and cheese. They also have Taco Thursdays as well, so you could take advantage of the special offers on that day.


In terms of its food scene, Kansas City has a lot to offer. However, one thing they have consistently gotten right is their Mexican dish.

If you live in or want to visit Kansas City, treat yourself to delicious Mexican cuisine, which is available at very moderate prices in the restaurants listed in this list of top Mexican restaurants in Kansas City.