Chinese restaurants that deliver in New York

Top 15 Chinese Restaurants That Deliver in New York

If you crave Chinese food like Hunan, Shanghainese, Henan, Sichuan, or any other type of Chinese food, you are in luck as there are many Chinese restaurants that deliver in New York. This means you can get delicious Chinese food on your dining table without leaving your house. This guide contains 15 Chinese Restaurants that Deliver in New York you should try.

New York City has a long history of beautiful Chinese restaurants that showcase the culinary traditions of practically every province in China, as well as fusion dishes made by immigrants in the United States.

Top Chinese Restaurants That Deliver in New York

Where you are looking for authentic Chinese food of Chinese food with an American twist, these top Chinese Restaurants that deliver in New York are sure to deliver to your doorstep. That said, let’s dive into the top 15 Chinese restaurants that deliver in New York.

1. Málà Project

Málà Project
Image Source: ny.eater
Málà Project

Málà Project is one of the top Chinese restaurants that deliver in New York. Málà Project’s Bryant Park and East Village locations both provide takeout and delivery from noon to 9 p.m. daily.

On their website, you may view their menu and schedule orders for items such as customized dry pot and superb dan dan noodles.

2. Golden Steamer

Golden Steamer
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Golden Steamer

Golden Steamer, known for serving authentic Chinese dishes, is one of the top Chinese restaurants that deliver in New York.

Yes, it is. You could either wait for your order to be delivered or you can take matters into your own hands by stopping by this lovely restaurant on Sunset Park’s 8th Avenue for takeaway any day of the week.

3. Great NY Noodletown

Great NY Noodletown
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Great NY Noodletown

This iconic Cantonese restaurant in Chinatown is one of the most trendy Chinese restaurants that deliver in New York, offering takeout and delivery.

They also take online orders. (Just keep in mind that they stop delivering at 9 p.m. every day.)

4. Buddha Bodai

Buddha Bodai
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Buddha Bodai

If you’re vegan and searching for a place in Chinatown where you can have anything on the menu (the spring rolls, dumplings, and vegetarian duck are all wonderful) and not pay more than $15, this kosher Chinese restaurant is a good option.

5. Miss Li Henan Cuisine

Miss Li Henan Cuisine
Image Source: postmates Miss Li Henan Cuisine

Miss Li Henan Cuisine, a Henan restaurant in Flushing, is one of the few Chinese restaurants that deliver in New York. Miss Li Henan Cuisine only offers pickup.

However, if you live in the Flushing area and are craving lamb noodles soup or fried pork chops, you know precisely where to go. Orders can be placed by contacting 347-368-4442.

6. The Bund

The Bund
Image Source: thefork The Bund

The Bund is one of the best Chinese delivery restaurants that deliver in New York. This Shanghainese restaurant’s Forest Hills and Astoria locations both offer lunch and dinner takeout and delivery.

Schedule your personal meeting with a tray of bao and soup dumplings online.

7. Hwa Yuan

Hwa Yuan
Image Source: grubstreet Hwa Yuan

Are you planning a big night in? Hwa Yuan in Chinatown, one of the top Chinese restaurants that deliver in New York, is now open and serving full stir-fried crab, foie gras, and their specialty Beijing duck.

Whatever you eat, we recommend adding cold noodles and soup dumplings with sesame sauce. Simply go online and place your order.

8. China Wang

China Wang
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China Wang

At China Wang, takeout is available from 12:30 pm to 10:30 pm at China Wang on West 225th Street in Spuyten Duyvil, and delivery is available from 11 am to 11 pm (12 pm-11 pm on Sundays).

You can order delicacies like roast pork with snow peas and hot and sour soup online or by phone at 914-863-6664.

9. Han Dynasty

Han Dynasty
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Han Dynasty

Han Dynasty, known for having some of the best Szechuan food in NYC, is one of those Chinese restaurants that deliver in New York that genuinely live up to its reputation. While everything on the menu is delicious, it would be a crime to come here and not get the Dan Dan noodles.

Many people enjoy these mouth-watering, delicious noodles, which are a party in the mouth. This popular meal is delicious with or without pork and is likely to please all palates.


Nan Xiang Xiao Long Bao
Image Source: thrillist
Nan Xiang Xiao Long Bao

Maybe you’ve been trying to make soup dumplings out of a bag of frozen dumplings like you’re a Hogwarts student.

That’s a great idea. When your spells fail, order some Nan Xiang Xiao Long Bao‘s soup dumplings from Flushing instead. You can view their menu and place a takeaway or delivery order by visiting their website.


11. Junzi Kitchen

Junzi Kitchen
Image Source: archdaily
Junzi Kitchen

Junzi Kitchen, which has outlets in Morningside Heights, Midtown, and Greenwich Village, is a counter-service restaurant.

At Junzi Kitchen you can create your own noodle bowl, rice bowl, or salad. In case you have your family of friends around, they also provide family-sized dishes and quarts of rice and noodles.

12. Little Pepper

Little Pepper
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Little Pepper

This is a top-tier Sichuan restaurant in College Point that serves sautéed string beans and beef tendon with chili sauce is one of the best Chinese restaurants that deliver in New York.

Simply call 718-939-7788 to place your delivery or takeout order, and for more information on their takeout service, visit their website.

13. Wa Lung Kitchen

Wa Lung Kitchen
Image Source: ubereats
Wa Lung Kitchen

Consider holding a small bowl of hot and sour soup right now. If that is what you crave and you reside within Wa Lung Kitchen’s delivery or takeaway range (the restaurant is located on Grand Street), you can order your soup online or by calling 908-922-4130.

There are also a variety of vegetarian options, as well as catering-sized trays of sesame chicken and fried rice.

14. The Handpulled Noodle

The Handpulled Noodle
Image Source: GrubHub
The Handpulled Noodle

You can make your own stir fry or noodle soup at The Handpulled Noodle in Harlem, or you can put your faith in their chicken stew with chopped ribbon noodles or five-spice pork noodles.

You can’t get it wrong. Call 917-262 0213 for takeout or order delivery on their website. Just don’t forget to order some dumplings.

15. Hupo

Image Source: guide.michelin

If you’re in LIC, get some Hupo cuisine. It’s a Sichuan restaurant where you can get double-cooked pork, wontons, Sichuan peppercorn soup, and a whole fish in chili.

They also have snow pea shoots and green beans in case you’ve forgotten what it’s like to eat anything that’s bright green. Simply call 718-255-6722 for pickup or visit their website for delivery options.


New York City is well-known for its restaurants that provide a wide range of cuisines. Chinese cuisine, in particular, has earned a place among many New Yorkers’ preferred choices.

Most New York Chinese restaurants have the traditional Chinese flare that will give you a memorable eating experience, but most time we just want to eat at home with our friends and family.

In this piece are the top 15 Chinese restaurants that deliver in New York. So if you feeling too lazy to go out, you can have your favorite Chinese dish brought to