Seafood Restaurants in St. Augustine

Seafood Restaurants in St. Augustine

St. Augustine is a port town with fresh, off-the-dock seafood. Every day of the week, local eateries give you fresh and delectable dishes ranging from shrimp to oysters, scallops, fish, and more, and they can be blackened, steamed, fried, grilled, baked, or broiled to your liking. Here, we’ll look at seafood restaurants in St. Augustine where you can get the freshest seafood and the best culinary experience possible.

From the Intracoastal, the bay all the way to the ocean, St. Augustine is surrounded by water. As a result, there is an abundance of seafood available. But where should you go for the best seafood in St. Augustine?

With so many seafood restaurants in St. Augustine, it can be difficult to choose the finest, but fear not, as we have listed some of the top seafood restaurants in St. Augustine in this guide.

Top Seafood Restaurants in St. Augustine

There are a variety of intriguing and delicious seafood restaurants in St. Augustine that will blow you away!

Whether on the water or in the heart of the city, the seafood restaurants listed below are sure to give you a memorable culinary treat.

1. Catch 27

 Catch 27
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Catch 27

Catch 27 lives up to its name with a cuisine centered on seafood. It first started a few streets away before relocating to its current location in 2016.

The local catch is always delicious, but our favorite starter is the deviled egg appetizer with bacon jam, topped with wonderfully cooked sweet oysters. The appetizer-sized meal creates room for its delicious desserts!

Tip: The dining room is small, so you will see what your neighbors are eating (and possibly part of what they are saying!) However, it is clean and trendy, with a beautiful new outdoor space.

2. O’Steen’s Restaurant

O’Steen’s Restaurant
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O’Steen’s Restaurant

O’Steen’s has graced the St. Augustine beachfront for the past 50 years. Its homey charms, vintage elegance, and distinct southern focus make it an ideal spot to delve into the old city’s history.

With its basic menu of authentic and classic seafood, the diner is famed for being remarkably the same over the decades.

O’Steens values simplicity above ostentation, serving oysters, scallops, catfish, deviled crab patties, and other classics with a focus on the pure and simple.

This is the place to go for a back-to-basic approach to economical and accessible seafood cuisine.

3. Cap’s on the Water

Cap’s on the Water
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Cap’s on the Water

This waterfront favorite requires a drive, but it is well worth the effort as it is one of the finest seafood restaurants in St. Augustine. Following Hurricane Irma in 2017, the decking, dock, and pavilion were entirely repaired, and the structure was refurbished.

Go early to catch the sunset across the Intracoastal Waterway, which is popular among locals and tourists.

When the sun goes down, the deck is illuminated by hundreds of tiny white lights, making it ideal for a romantic dinner. There are a lot of fresh fish specials, and the tuna over fried spinach is delicious!

Tip: They don’t take reservations, so we recommend waiting at the oyster bar with a drink.

4. Columbia

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True, it’s not really a “seafood restaurant,” but the Spanish must adore fish because Columbia boasts some of the finest seafood like the great tapas such as Gambas Al Ajillo (large shrimp in a spicy garlic sauce).

Incredible entrees like Snapper Bilboa (fish prepared in a clay dish with onions, tomatoes, and peppers) and Grouper Adelita (fish with artichoke hearts, hearts of palm, and sun-dried tomatoes) put this restaurant on our list of top seafood restaurants in St. Augustine.

5. Hurricane Patty’s

Hurricane Patty’s
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Hurricane Patty’s

Hurricane Patty’s, one of the best seafood restaurants in St. Augustine, is a popular neighborhood restaurant and bar off Route 1 that was just purchased by the same group that owns and runs Pusser’s in Ponte Vedra.

They offer one of our favorite Minorcan chowders, as well as a fresh raw bar and Caribbean fish dishes topped with mango chutney or pineapple. There is also plenty of wonderful rum if you want to drink like a fish as well as eat one.


6. The Floridian

The Floridian
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The Floridian

If you’re searching for shrimp and grits like your mother used to cook, The Floridian may not be the place for you. Pull up a chair if you’re searching for a delicious, modern, and imaginative spin on the Southern staple.

Imagine nicely seared grit cakes cut on the diagonal, topped with perfectly pink shrimp. Alternatively, mix it up with the fresh catch. Seasonal salsa and herbed feta are also served on the side.

7. OC White’s Seafood and Spirits

OC White’s Seafood and Spirits
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OC White’s Seafood and Spirits

OC White’s is a downtown favorite and one of the top seafood restaurants in St. Augustine. The rustic vibe, somber setting, and expansive sea views combine to provide an unforgettable dining experience.

Guests can park for free on-site, but it can fill up quickly. For simpler access in and out of town, we recommend arranging transportation from St. Augustine beachfront rentals.

The trip downtown is totally worth it. There’s a variety of seafood options, like Bronzed Salmon, Dutch garlic Saute, crab, the Seafood Combo Mahi, shrimp, and the outstanding Kauhi Mahi.

8. Aunt Kates

Aunt Kates
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Aunt Kates

Put Aunt Kates on your list of top seafood restaurants in St. Augustine if you want to eat with a fantastic view of the ocean!

Catherine and Frank Usina founded Kate’s in 1990, offering meals to Henry Flagler’s employees who hauled building materials down the Intracoastal.

Aunt Kate’s shrimp and grits have an old-fashioned front porch air to them, with loads of sloppy sauce coating the meal.

With a wonderful view, a splash of the restaurant’s handmade datil pepper sauce, and casual picnic tables, it’s a great location to sit back and relax.

9. Fish Camp

Fish Camp
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Fish Camp

The Fish Camp takes advantage of the marshes known as “The Marina District” in St. Augustine, which has a lot of water. Casual indoor/outdoor setting with plenty of fresh fish and unique meals.

As an appetizer, try the white bean salad and grilled octopus, or the fresh smoked fish dip. They also have whole fish that is crispy but light.

The St. Augustine Fish Camp is the only restaurant in town that serves a low country boil. It serves two, so discuss sharing it with your special someone!

10. Casa Reina

Casa Reina
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Casa Reina

Casa Reina, which opened in 2022, has quickly become one of our favorite seafood restaurants in St. Augustine. It’s a gorgeous historic building that’s been carefully renovated, with plenty of comfortable seats outside and unique levels within.

It also serves a lot of seafood, like honey lime glazed salmon (sprinkled with wonderful Mexican corn) and tequila lime grouper. Because you can’t visit Florida and not eat some delicious grouper.


One of St. Augustine’s main draws is its proximity to water, which means it boasts an abundance of seafood. The old city has a number of options for seafood dining with a view of the water.

Whether you want something traditional, modern, or casual, these seafood restaurants in St. Augustine have you covered.