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Top 10 Indian Restaurants in NYC

New York City, a melting pot of diverse cultures and cuisines, is a hub for the best Indian restaurants. Located amidst the lively cityscape, these Indian restaurants in NYC embody centuries-old culinary traditions that have journeyed across continents, captivating palates and arousing senses.

The gentle radiance of intricately designed lamps casts a magical glow, illuminating the colorful tapestries that embellish the walls, fostering an inviting ambiance that beautifully captures the warmth and hospitality synonymous with Indian culture.


The Top 10 Indian Restaurants in NYC

Without further ado, let’s delve into the best Indian Restaurants in New York City and uncover the secrets of this culinary expertise.

1. Indian Accent

Indian Accent
Image Source: Indian Accent
Indian Accent

Indian Accent combines the rich flavors of Indian cuisine with innovative techniques and stylish presentations, resulting in an awesome dining experience.


Indian Accent offers both indoor and outdoor food services, making it possible for guests to have their meals at their chosen location.

The restaurant also serves as a destination for both locals and tourists looking for gastronomical pleasure in Indian cuisine thanks to its advanced and contemporary atmosphere.

2. Junoon

Image Source: Open Table

Junoon is an acclaimed establishment that provides a sophisticated setting for couples to enjoy a memorable evening together.

Renowned for its outstanding culinary offerings, Junoon has garnered a distinguished reputation within the realm of Indian cuisine.


The menu proudly presents a diverse selection of mouthwatering dishes, meticulously prepared by talented chefs who skillfully combine traditional Indian flavors with modern culinary techniques.

It is worth noting the restaurant’s captivating atmosphere and picturesque surroundings, further enhancing the overall dining experience.

3. Awadh

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Awadh is a restaurant that stands out when it comes to dining with other establishments. It offers an experience that is truly fulfilling and brings joy to those who visit.

What sets Awadh apart is its ability to blend traditional Awadhi (Indian) preparations with locally sourced ingredients, resulting in dishes that capture the authenticity of Awadhi cuisine while being presented in a New York setting.

The restaurant’s commitment to the intricacy and the incorporation of unique spices is what has earned Awadhi Food its esteemed reputation.

4. Semma

Image Source: Semma

Semma is a remarkable restaurant located in the charming West Village, offering a delightful selection of South Indian regional delicacies.

With a menu that offers a wide variety of mouthwatering dishes, Semma truly stands out by featuring unique and uncommon meaty specialties that are rarely found in the culinary landscape of New York City.

A particular standout at Semma is the irresistible preparation of tender venison immersed in a velvety and flavorful sauce that is expertly infused with hints of clove and smokiness.

Through the seamless integration of an impeccable menu and a stylish ambiance, Semma effortlessly establishes itself as one of best Indian Indian restaurants in NYC, deserving of its well-earned reputation.

5. Dhamaka

Image Source: Dhamaka

Dhamaka is a vibrant and genuine Indian restaurant that takes pride in presenting an array of culinary delights from diverse regions of the sub-continent.

It specifically highlights lesser-known areas that celebrate local flavors, offering a bold and authentic dining experience.

At Dhamaka, the ambiance is captivating as it skillfully intertwines contemporary design elements with traditional Indian influences, resulting in a harmonious and engaging atmosphere.

Dhamaka provides an exclusive opportunity to discover the cherished everyday street food adored by locals, introducing a dimension of Indian cuisine that remains relatively unexplored in the vibrant culinary scene of New York.


6. Baar Baar

Baar Baar
Image Source: Baar Baar
Baar Baar

Baar Baar embraces a contemporary approach to Indian cuisine by infusing it with global flavors and techniques. Baar Baar has received acclaim for its inventive menu offerings, imaginative cocktails, and chic atmosphere.

Guests appreciate the innovative dishes, the artful presentation, and the overall dining experience at Baar Baar.

Baar Baar boasts a modern and sleek design that pays meticulous attention to detail in its decor. The interior is adorned with tasteful lighting, providing an inviting and pleasant ambiance.

7. Adda Indian Canteen

Adda Indian Canteen
Image Source: Adda Indian Canteen
Adda Indian Canteen

As you enter Adda Indian Canteen, you will be instantly ushered into the vibrant streets of India, immersing yourself in a sensory journey where the tantalizing scents of sizzling street food fill the air.

The restaurant effortlessly captures the lively and bright ambiance of an authentic Indian street food joint, inviting guests to unwind in its laid-back and casual atmosphere.

At Adda Indian Canteen, food enthusiasts have the opportunity to embark on a flavorful journey, exploring a diverse range of delectable dishes.

Locals eagerly flock to Adda Indian Canteen, seeking to indulge in the irresistible menu offerings that truly embody the authentic and captivating flavors of India.

8. Devi

Eater NY

With its exceptional culinary offerings, Devi has garnered a reputation for excellence.

Devi stands out among its counterparts by skillfully combining traditional Indian flavors and cooking techniques with contemporary presentations.

Devi’s commitment to using high-quality ingredients and original recipes sets them apart, ensuring a dining experience that is truly memorable.

Devi’s dedication to culinary mastery has positioned it as a standout establishment in the vibrant New York food scene.

9. Spice Symphony

Spice Symphony
Image Source: Spice Symphony
Spice Symphony

Spice Symphony offers a personal and sophisticated dining experience, combining the flavors of authentic Indian cuisine, Chinese food with Indian spices, and a delightful seaside menu.

Complementing the culinary journey, the restaurant offers a well-curated wine list that perfectly pairs with each dish.

Spice Symphony sets the stage for a cozy and inviting dining experience with its classy and contemporary ambiance, highlighted by curved banquettes and a sky lit room.

Spice Symphony’s stylish and modern decoration creates a feeling that is both inviting and comfortable, ensuring that guests can fully enjoy their dining experience.

10. Tamarind Tribeca

Tamarind Tribeca
Image Source: New York Magazine
Tamarind Tribeca

Tamarind Tribeca seamlessly combines the captivating flavors of the Indian sub-continent with the elegance and flair of Tribeca, New York.

With a dedication to preserving Indian culinary traditions and the rich complexity of flavors they offer, Tamarind Tribeca aims to elevate Indian cuisine to new heights.

The restaurant leaves no detail unattended, ensuring guests feel they are in an upscale fine dining establishment.

As night falls, the ambiance transforms into a glamorous allure, with softly glowing lights from beautifully crafted chandeliers, adding to the sophistication of the dining experience.


The lovely food scene in New York City is enriched by the best Indian restaurants, offering a captivating experience that deepens diners in the enticing flavors of the Indians.

From upscale establishments to casual eateries, these culinary gems offer a diverse range of regional specialties, showcasing the vastness and depth of Indian cuisine.

The best Indian restaurants in NYC tantalize taste buds with their exquisite curries, tandoori delicacies, and mouthwatering street food.

With their dedication to authentic flavors, impeccable service, and inviting ambiance, these establishments have carved a niche for themselves in one of the best commercial cities in the world.