Chinese Restaurants in Portland

15 top Chinese Restaurants in Portland

While Portland’s Chinese food culture may not have the same national acknowledgment as locations like Los Angeles, to say that Portland doesn’t have great Chinese food—as many say—means you’re either not looking or looking in the wrong places. This guide on Chinese Restaurants in Portland will explore top Chinese restaurants in Portland where you can have excellent Chinese meals, ranging from traditional to American fusion foods.

Portland is known for its diverse food culture, and Chinese dishes are no exception. There is something for every pallet, from traditional Cantonese delicacies to hot Szechuan treats.

These 15 Chinese eateries are worth adding to your bucket list, whether you’re a local or a guest touring the city.

top Chinese Restaurants in Portland

Chinese restaurants in Portland have everything you can imagine, from enormous plates of dim sum to bowls of congee to pots of hot bullfrog.

There are also Chinese restaurants that are ideal for any occasion, from individual takeout to large group feasts. That said, here are the 15 top Chinese restaurants in Portland.

1. Bing Mi

Bing Mi
Image Source: yelp
Bing Mi

On weekends, this modest Nob Hill food cart is one of the trendiest brunch venues in Northwest Portland, with lines of up to an hour for a jianbing, a portable Chinese crêpe packed with black bean chili sauce, egg, and crispy wonton crackers.

The soft crêpe and crackly wonton are amazing, and the black bean chile oil is an umami bomb, especially when coupled with proteins like bacon, duck, or Chinese sausage.

To make the wait worthwhile, try the loaded bing, which is filled with more eggs and crackers.

2. Powell’s Seafood Restaurant

Powell’s Seafood Restaurant
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Powell’s Seafood Restaurant

Powell’s Seafood Restaurant has been holding it down in Portland for over thirty years and is famous in the community.

It is widely recognized as one of the best Chinese restaurants in Portland for seafood. Powell’s has a large menu filled with a range of traditional foods that would satisfy even the pickiest eater.

try the Walnut Shrimp, which are beautifully coated with savory mayonnaise sauce and garnished with honeyed walnuts.

3. Din Tai Fung

Din Tai Fung
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Din Tai Fung

Din Tai Fung is a famous Taiwanese restaurant brand known for its exquisite Chinese cuisine.

Their food is always on point and never fails to meet the high expectations of guests, who keep the restaurant full with a long waiting list.

This restaurant is known for its Xiao Long Baos (delicate soup dumplings) and delicious noodle meals.

Fun fact: The Din Tai Fung restaurant in Hong Kong holds a Michelin star!

4. Ling Garden Restaurant

Ling Garden Restaurant
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Ling Garden Restaurant

Ling Garden is located in downtown Portland and is a good stop for a delicious meal.

Lunch specials, such as General Tsao’s Chicken, cost around $9, making them ideal for stuffing hungry bellies with something delicious and gratifying.

If you’re in the area and want to experience some local Chinese food, this is a terrific place to go.

5. Oriental Garden

Oriental Garden
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Oriental Garden

Step into Oriental Garden and prepare to be transported to the heart of China. This restaurant offers an extensive menu featuring Cantonese, Szechuan, and Hunan specialties.

Don’t miss their signature Peking Duck, a mouthwatering dish that will leave you craving for more.

With its warm and inviting ambiance, Oriental Garden is a popular choice for both casual meals and special occasions.

6. Golden Dragon

Golden Dragon
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Golden Dragon

At Golden Dragon, you’ll experience the true essence of Chinese flavors. From their delectable General Tso’s chicken to their perfectly steamed dumplings, every dish is crafted with utmost care.

The restaurant’s elegant decor and attentive service create a delightful dining atmosphere that complements the exquisite cuisine.

7. Duck House

 Duck House
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Duck House

Typically, Chinese restaurants that serve more than one regional cuisine can only excel at one, leaving the others as an afterthought.

That is not the case at Duck House, where you could order everything from Chinese American honey walnut prawns, and Shanghainese xiao long bao to fish fillet in fiery Sichuan chilli broth.

All of this, combined with cocktails, makes this place a venue for large dinners with friends and family, or for a much-needed food takeout.

8. Excellent Cuisine

Excellent Cuisine
Image Source: thegoldenhouradventurer
Excellent Cuisine

This dim sum newbie is one of the best Chinese restaurants in Portland and it started in late 2020. It excels at both dim sum classics and avant-garde dishes.

The ha gow is very delicious, as is the siu mai. But don’t forget to sample some of the more inventive dishes, such as the red rice noodle rolls, which feature a shrimp filling wrapped in a delicate fried, lacy wrapping and coiled in a red, silky rice noodle.

It’s a delicious overload of sensations and flavors worth seeing. Cute treats like jiggly coconut pudding rabbits are available.


9. HK Café

HK Café
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HK Café

HK Café is a Portland dim sum tradition and the largest of the major teahouses that have remained since Wong’s King and Ocean City closed.

Take a seat close to the kitchen to get the finest views of what’s hot and fresh from the cook.

There are decent renditions of all the dim sum standbys here, but the ham sui gak (deep-fried beef dumpling), siu mai, and pineapple buns stand out.

10. Bamboo Garden

Bamboo Garden
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Bamboo Garden

At Bamboo Garden, you’ll find a perfect blend of traditional and modern Chinese dishes.

Their extensive menu has classics like Kung Pao Chicken and Ma Po Tofu, as well as innovative dishes like Shanghai-style soup dumplings.

The restaurant’s elegant decor and attentive staff create a welcoming atmosphere for diners, making it one of the best Chinese restaurants in Portland.

11. Ocean City

Ocean City
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Ocean City

If you’re looking for a location to eat real and delicious Dim Sum, look no further than Ocean City, one of the top Chinese restaurants in Portland.

Some of the greatest dumplings in town can be found at this eatery. The thin, delicate wrapper of the pork dumplings is stuffed to the capacity of succulent pork. These sweet bites of pleasure are sure to please!

It’s very unusual for queues to go outside the door during lunch hour on weekends, so go during an off-hour or be prepared to wait.

12. Master Kong

Master Kong
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Master Kong

Master Kong, one of Portland’s best traditional Chinese restaurants, serves comfort dishes from northeast China and is one of the best spots to get your Chinese food.

This cafe understands how to please your taste buds with meals like delectable fried rice, dumplings, and beef brisket noodle soup.

The restaurant is laid back, with plenty of seating and takeout options. There isn’t any fancy decor here, but the cuisine speaks for itself!

13. Sichuan City

Sichuan City
Image Source: honolulumagazine
Sichuan City

Park in the Happy Valley WinCo lot and walk to this strip mall restaurant, which serves a lengthy menu of Sichuan delicacies.

The house-special live fish, chopped into fillets and served in a broad wooden bucket, floats in a yellow chile broth laden with tofu skin, cabbage, and bean sprouts.

But there are plenty of standouts on the menu, including crispy Chongqing chicken, delicate cumin lamb, crunchy garlic cucumbers, bouncy cold bean jelly, and mashed eggplant with century egg.

It’s a restaurant that encourages repeat visits, so go back and try more, you can go with friends too.

14. Stretch the Noodle

Stretch the Noodle
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Stretch the Noodle

What is the ultimate office lunchtime snack? A container of hot hand-pulled noodles from Stretch the Noodle. Stretch the Noodle attracts a steady stream of customers every day.

Get the la mian, which are stretched noodles in a homey beef broth, or the chao mian with your choice of protein—and if you’re really hungry, the handmade dumplings, each having a whole shrimp inside (tails peeping out playfully) are equally delicious.

15. Szechuan Chef

Szechuan Chef
Image Source: yelp
Szechuan Chef

You can easily miss Sichuan restaurant as is easy to speed past it while speeding down S Macadam Ave—but it’s certainly worth the stop.

The massive photo of soup dumplings at the entrance may give you the impression, and rightly so, the soup dumplings here are fantastic, thin-skinned, and full of light, delicious broth.

Fish in chile broth, ma po tofu, and dry-fried green beans are also recommended.


If you are in Portland and you crave delicious Chinese cuisine, look no further than In this guide. The restaurants listed here are sure to give you a beautiful culinary experience.

From traditional flavors to modern twists, these top Chinese restaurants in Portland have all you need.