Chinese Restaurants in Sacramento

14 Best Chinese Restaurants in Sacramento

Are you looking for some delectable Chinese cuisine in Sacramento? Look no further! This guide will take you on a culinary tour, exploring the 12 best Chinese restaurants in Sacramento that are sure to satisfy your taste buds.

Sacramento provides a broad choice of dining experiences that will leave you wanting more, from traditional cuisines to new culinary innovations. So, let’s dive into the realm of Chinese cuisine and find Sacramento’s hidden jewels!

Best Chinese Restaurants in Sacramento

Whether you’re a fan of traditional dishes or looking for a modern twist on Chinese flavors, these 12 top Chinese restaurants have something for you.

1. Fortune Chinese Food

Fortune Chinese Food
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Fortune Chinese Food

This incredible hidden treasure in the center of Sacramento is a must-visit for fantastic Chinese takeout. Not only are their quantities enormous, but their delectable dishes are prepared to order utilizing only the freshest ingredients.

Their signature dish is the Orange Chicken, but they have an excellent menu with everything guaranteed to blow your socks off!

2. Frank Fat’s

Frank Fat’s
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Frank Fat’s

This beautiful and bright restaurant is one of the best Chinese restaurants in Sacramento. It has a nostalgic setting that is ideal for an authentic Asian meal. The meal is always fresh and delicious, and the service is excellent.

Check out their specials, but the Chicken Salad and excellent entrees are very noteworthy. Do not leave without sampling one of their delectable desserts, such as the Banana Cream Pie.

3. Raku Sushi and Chinese Cuisine

Raku Sushi And Chinese Cuisine
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Raku Sushi And Chinese Cuisine

If you’re looking to indulge in both sushi and Chinese cuisine, Raku Sushi and Chinese Cuisine is the perfect destination.

This restaurant offers an extensive menu featuring a wide selection of sushi rolls, sashimi, and Chinese specialties. Whether you’re in the mood for a California Roll or Mapo Tofu, Raku Sushi and Chinese Cuisine got you covered.

4. Shanghai Garden

Shanghai Garden
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Shanghai Garden

Shanghai Garden, one of the leading Chinese restaurants in Sacramento, is located on the outskirts of Midtown Sacramento. It offers a wide range of delectable appetizers, entrees, and more.

The house Chow Fun is a customer favorite, with plenty of pork and great-tasting noodles that complement the robust tastes. Aside from the wonderful cuisine, the restaurant’s reasonable rates make it accessible to everyone!

5. Simon’s Bar & Cafe

Simon's Bar & Cafe
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Simon’s Bar & Cafe

Simon’s Bar & Cafe is a fusion restaurant that blends Chinese and American flavors. This trendy eatery is known for its innovative dishes and stylish setting.

From their tantalizing General Tso’s Chicken Tacos to their mouthwatering Orange Beef Sliders, Simon’s Bar & Cafe offers a unique culinary experience.

The combination of Chinese and American influences creates a harmonious blend of flavors.

6. Yue Huang Restaurant

Yue Huang Restaurant
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Yue Huang Restaurant

Sacramento’s famous Yue Huang Restaurant is a beautifully organized dining experience that serves great Chinese cuisine.

It’s a definite must if you love Chinese food, from the warm and beautiful atmosphere to the kind and inviting personnel.

Speaking of food, the menu includes Dim Sum, Spicy Rice in Lotus Leaf, Chinese Broccoli, and many more delectable options.


7. New Canton Restaurant

New Canton Restaurant
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New Canton Restaurant

New Canton Restaurant is a hidden gem nestled in Sacramento’s bustling Midtown neighborhood. This family-owned restaurant offers delicious Chinese dishes made with fresh ingredients.

From their handmade dumplings to their tasty Beef Chow Fun, every bite at New Canton Restaurant is a delight. The cozy ambiance and friendly staff make it one of the best Chinese restaurants in Sacramento and a favorite among locals.

8. Dim Sum House

Dim Sum House
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Dim Sum House

Dim Sum House is a must-visit if you’re looking for dim sum. With its courteous staff and handcrafted meals, this amazing restaurant in Sacramento’s Curtis Park will make you feel right at home.

You will not be disappointed with the variety of affordable collections that are prepared to perfection. Their fried dumplings are a crowd-pleaser, so make sure to order some!

9. Jade Fountain

Jade Fountain
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Jade Fountain

Located in the heart of Sacramento, Jade Fountain, one of the most popular Chinese restaurants in Sacramento is known for its delectable dishes and warm ambiance.

With an extensive menu featuring both traditional and modern Chinese cuisine, Jade Fountain ensures a memorable dining experience.

From their succulent Kung Pao Chicken to their mouthwatering Szechuan Beef, every dish is crafted with perfection.

10. Ming Dynasty

Ming Dynasty
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Ming Dynasty

Ming Dynasty serves a Chinese feast fit for royalty, with a varied range of basic dishes as well as more innovative offerings worth tasting.

This is another wonderful restaurant known for its dim sum, so try a couple. They are always fresh and authentically rich, with an unrivaled selection of vegetarian options to ensure that everyone feels at ease at the table!

11. New Happy Garden

New Happy Garden
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New Happy Garden

New Happy Garden, one of the best fine-dining Chinese restaurants in Sacramento, is well worth a visit if you are in the Lemon Hill neighborhood.

The food is simply fantastic, with every dish hot and fresh. New Happy Garden is also a great option for vegetarians!

With plenty of seating options, this is an excellent choice for families and large groups. The service is also excellent, with attentive wait staff attending to your every need!

12. Sunrise Chinese Restaurant

Sunrise Chinese Restaurant
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Sunrise Chinese Restaurant

Sunrise Chinese Restaurant provides an unrivaled culinary experience with all of your favorite classic Chinese dishes as well as some new ones to try.

The General Chicken is a fantastic Chinese delicacy that is prepared to perfection, and the sauce on the side is to die for. So, if you seek savory and fulfilling authentic Chinese cuisine, look no further than this well-known restaurant.

13. Hong Kong Islander

Hong Kong Islander
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Hong Kong Islander

Hong Kong Islander, one of the top Chinese restaurants in Sacramento, provides a memorable dining experience with authentic Chinese cuisine. The meal is cooked to perfection, with flavors that take you to Hong Kong’s heart.

The restaurant accommodates all dietary concerns by serving a selection of meals and classic Chinese cuisine. The atmosphere is lively, with ethnic Chinese décor and music, making for a wonderful experience and the ideal backdrop for your lunch!

14. T&Z Chinese Restaurant

T&Z Chinese Restaurant
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T&Z Chinese Restaurant

T&Z Chinese Restaurant in Sacramento will tickle your taste buds with excellent, classic Chinese food.

With the restaurant famed for its fantastic seafood, we’re smitten with the Shrimp Wonton Soup. Whatever you choose, make sure to have their perfectly cooked Barbeque Fried Rice for a tantalizing taste of China and its great food.


Do seek a memorable dining experience? Try these amazing Chinese restaurants in Sacramento.

These must-see restaurants provide far more than the typical takeout box. They are worth visiting, with authentic flavors and inventive food.

Give your taste buds a culinary trip to China without leaving Sacramento by dining at these top Chinese restaurants in Sacramento today!