Sushi Restaurants In Boston

13 Best Sushi Restaurants in Boston

There’s no shortage of seafood in Boston, and sushi has carved out a space for itself among the region’s fried clams, lobster rolls, and crudos. Do you want to go on a Boston sushi adventure? Here are the top 13 sushi restaurants in Boston spanning across a wide range of neighborhoods, budgets, and styles. There’s something for every sushi fan, from a short plate of salmon sashimi to an hours-long omakase feast.

Boston has an abundance of beautiful, delicious sushi options, ranging from little takeout businesses to high-end Japanese restaurants.

These sushi restaurants boast outstanding ingredients and experienced chefs, whether you’re searching for the “wow factor” of unique rolls with interesting flavors or just beautifully cooked nigiri.

Best Sushi Restaurants in Boston

We’ve discovered excellent lunch specials and restaurants for a celebratory omakase feast. If you’re in the mood for sushi or Asian flavors, try one of these great sushi restaurants in Boston.

1. o ya

o ya
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o ya

O Ya is at the top of this list. With the establishment of O Ya’s in 2007, owners Tim and Nancy Cushman raised the bar for special-event dining; the restaurant continues to be recognized as one of the best in New England.

Every morsel, from the bluefin tuna to the foie gras nigiri and smoked salmon sashimi, is a delightful piece of art on the sushi and omakase menu.

2. Avana Sushi

Avana Sushi
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Avana Sushi

The original Avana, the older sibling of downtown venue Avana 2, foregoes the frills in favor of a straight-up sushi experience.

Take a seat at one of the more sturdy tables and try the Spicy Caterpillar maki, a classic combination of avocado, cucumber, eel, and tobiko, or the hometown celebration Spicy Red Sox maki, which includes spicy tuna, avocado, tempura shrimp, and a secret ingredient only known as “crunch.”

Bring the whole crew and tackle the massive 58-piece sushi and maki plate, which comes filled with BBQ eel, white salmon, crab stick, and a slew of other rolls.

3. Uni

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Uni’s reputation was established on its outstanding sashimi choices, and the sushi menu still shines. Sushi rolls with unique flavors, such as the lobster BLT roll and whitefish taco roll, are worth trying.

More classic sashimi and nigiri, and innovative twists like sea bream with watermelon aguachile soda, coconut furikake, and pickled rind, or striped jack with crispy kale and yellow chive, are equally inventive.

The saké selection is outstanding, with unfiltered and unpasteurized alternatives.

4. Douzo

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Douzo, located in the South End, is one of the stylish sushi restaurants in Boston that combines traditional techniques with a modern twist.

The menu features a wide selection of sushi rolls, nigiri, and sashimi, all made with high-quality ingredients. Douzo’s vibrant atmosphere and attentive service create a welcoming setting for sushi lovers.

5. Pabu

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Pabu, situated in Downtown Boston, is a lively izakaya-style restaurant that offers a variety of Japanese dishes, including sushi.

With its sleek and contemporary ambiance, Pabu provides a vibrant setting for enjoying sushi creations that highlight the freshest seafood.

The menu features a fusion of traditional and innovative flavors, delivering a memorable dining experience.

6. Café Sushi

Café Sushi
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Café Sushi

Café Sushi‘s continually rotating menu and beautiful presentations have kept aficionados coming back since it first debuted in the mid-80s.

While this long-running establishment is now solely serving pickup and delivery, the robust flavors haven’t altered a bit, with popular sashimi and nigiri dishes like tomatillo sauce-covered salmon and scallop with blood orange purée and pomegranate still available.

Café Sushi keeps guests on their toes with an ever-changing menu of daily specials, a treasure trove of seafood combinations such as the 13-piece Sashimi Dinner, Chef’s Sampler, and Salmon Sashimi Donburi, to mention a few.


7. Oishii Boston

Oishii Boston
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Oishii Boston

Oishii Boston, with locations in Chestnut Hill and South End, is one of the most popular sushi restaurants in Boston. Known for its dedication to quality and creativity.

The restaurant offers an extensive menu of sushi rolls, nigiri, and sashimi, as well as unique specialty dishes. Oishii Boston’s commitment to using fresh, sustainable ingredients ensures an exceptional sushi experience.

8. Genki Ya

Genki Ya
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Genki Ya

Genki Ya, with multiple locations in Boston, is a casual and affordable sushi spot that caters to sushi lovers of all backgrounds.

The menu features a wide variety of sushi rolls, including both traditional options and creative combinations.

Genki Ya’s commitment to using organic and locally sourced ingredients sets it apart as a health-conscious sushi option in Boston.

9. Empire

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Empire, located just off Seaport Boulevard, is a stylish sushi restaurant serving contemporary Asian-fusion cuisine.

The Red Dragon roll with spicy tuna, the Lobster Tempura roll with avocado and yuzu aioli, and the sweet potato tempura-heavy Viper roll and unagi are among the dexterous specialty offerings at this bustling eatery, in addition to traditional maki and nigiri.

Along with a plethora of delectable food, Empire has a genuinely formidable drink menu. Cocktail connoisseurs could start the festivities with a Rye Tai, a strong combination invented by industry icon Brother Cleve.

10. Karma Burlington

Karma Burlington
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Karma Burlington

Karma Asian Fusion is a great option for sushi lovers. From their massive sushi platters to unique tableside experiences like “salmon on fire” to their superb drink choices, your date will have a fantastic time.

In addition to the basic cocktails on the menu, there are monthly limited-time additions worth trying! So, if you’re looking for a sushi restaurant outside of Boston, Karma is a terrific option.

11. FuGaKyu

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Brookline’s own “house of exquisite elegance” has been the favorite spot for all things sushi for more than 20 years and that sentiment certainly holds true today.

Reserve a tatami room and savor the sashimi taco trio, a delectable symphony of tuna, salmon, and lump crabmeat in crispy gyoza skin shells. You might also stick to traditional Japanese fares like hot yellowtail maki and kaiyaki-miso.

If you’re craving some freshly caught New England seafood, order some live uni or ankimo (monkfish liver) from FuGaKyu’s local specialties menu.

12. Fuji at Ink Block

Fuji at Ink Block
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Fuji at Ink Block

Fuji’s sushi menu is polished and inventive while remaining sleek and approachable. The menu’s “Finer Nigiri” section includes composed nibbles such as tuna with mustard ponzu, fresh wasabi, black truffle, and scallions.

The Queen’s roll (spicy tuna and popcorn shoots inside, caviar, jalapeño outside, and Wagyu beef) and the Shogun maki (cucumber, scallion, seared calamari, inside, ikura, uni, and gold flakes outside, capped with a sweet pepper sauce) are among the “Finer Maki” alternatives.

Fuji offers ornate boats with up to 64 pieces of nigiri, sashimi, and maki for groups.

13. Itadaki

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Itadaki, one of Boston’s pioneers in izakaya-style eating, elevates the Japanese gastropub theme with creative rolls, shared meals, and nicely presented traditional platters.

If you’re looking for Japanese fusion, the salmon sushi pizza is sure to please, while the sweet potato-filled Satsuma, Spicy Salmon, and Jalapeo Toro rolls are all excellent choices for a more traditional Japanese meal.

Itadaki offers an omakase-style dish that changes every day, with items available in both sashimi and nigiri form, for the indecisive eater.


Boston, a city rich in history and culture, boasts a thriving dining scene with a wide range of culinary offerings.

Sushi lovers in Boston are in for a treat, as the city is home to several exceptional sushi restaurants that showcase the artistry and flavors of this beloved Japanese cuisine.

Whether you’re a local resident or a visitor exploring the city, these 13 best sushi restaurants in Boston are sure to give you the best sushi experience of your life!