Sushi Restaurants in Miami

15 Best Sushi Restaurants in Miami

With its proximity to the water, Miami has access to some of the freshest fish in town, resulting in some of the greatest sushi around. Here are the best sushi restaurants in Miami, offering traditional izakaya experiences to top-notch meals.

Sushi in Miami can range from $200-plus omakase to a casual establishment where you can wear flip-flops or simply some rolls and nigiri for takeout.


This guide covers all the above, and whether you want to spend $30 or $300 on one of Miami’s top sushi omakase restaurants, you’ll have options.

But, no matter which sushi trip you choose, you can be confident that it will be a memorable one.


Best Sushi Restaurants in Miami

Sushi fan, you are well aware that Miami’s sushi scene does not disappoint. So join us as we tour the top sushi restaurants in Miami.

1. Makoto

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Stephen Starr’s fancy Japanese restaurant in the Bal Harbour Shops made us reconsider mall food. Even if you haven’t just returned from a shopping spree, this location is worth a visit, especially in its recently extended quarters.

Makoto pioneered crispy rice in Miami, and theirs still reigns supreme with the ideal rice-to-fish ratio.

The sushi here is exceptionally fresh and best eaten as a combo platter, which includes a chef’s choice selection of the day’s top picks. It’s the fast-food equivalent of omakase dining.


2. ZZ’s Sushi Bar

ZZ’s Sushi Bar
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ZZ’s Sushi Bar

Major Food Group’s two-story Japanese restaurant and membership club introduces a unique eating experience to the city, but it’s not all about velvet ropes.

ZZ’s employs some of the top sushi chefs in the country and serves a mix of New York classics (where it won a Michelin star) and Miami-inspired dishes designed specifically for locals, such as stone crab sunomono and lobster dumplings.

Stephanie Prida, MFG’s pastry chef, makes exquisite Japanese ice cream snacks you might want to save room for.

3. Pubbelly Sushi

Pubbelly Sushi
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Pubbelly Sushi

Pubbelly Sushi, with multiple locations across Miami, offers a unique twist on traditional sushi. Their menu includes inventive rolls that blend various cuisines, resulting in exciting flavor combinations.

The lively atmosphere and creative dishes make Pubbelly Sushi one of the best sushi restaurants in Miami and a favorite among locals and tourists alike.

4. Uchi Miami

Uchi Miami
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Uchi Miami

Winner of the James Beard Foundation Award Tyson Cole’s chart-topping Austin restaurant has expanded to Wynwood—and getting in is difficult.

By the sight of people queuing up for a table, Uchi’s reputation for outstanding sushi and inventive preparations precedes it.

The menu is a little difficult to navigate, but trust the excellent service staff (many of whom are also from Texas) to point you in the correct way. You can also bypass all of that and go straight for the omakase, which we highly recommend.

A chef sample of hot and cold dishes serves as an excellent introduction to the Uchi experience.

When dining here, keep two things in mind: nigiri is meant to be tossed upside down so the top of the fish meets your tongue first (a Cole tradition), and happy hour is a wonderful value and is available daily from 5 to 6:30 pm.

5. Wabi Sabi by Shuji

Wabi Sabi by Shuji
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Wabi Sabi by Shuji

Wabi Sabi, located in the lovely Shorecrest neighborhood, delivers some of the greatest sushi in town.

The restaurant‘s laid-back vibe complements its clean menu, which features fresh sushi bowls that are high on flavor, craft, and authenticity.

Each dish is an eye-catching arrangement of fresh tuna, salmon, seaweed, crab, rice, and other ingredients. Maki rolls, which are equally as fresh as deconstructed sushi, are offered to diners who choose not to eat deconstructed sushi.

6. Zuma

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Zuma, located in downtown Miami, offers a sophisticated dining experience with a focus on contemporary Japanese cuisine.

Their sushi selection showcases the finest ingredients and skilled craftsmanship, ensuring an unforgettable sushi experience.

7. Sushi Erika

Sushi Erika
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Sushi Erika

Sushi Erika is the spawn of two adored local Japanese restaurants, Sushi Deli, and Japanese Market. Sushi Erika, the former owner’s daughter, delivers the same fresh, tasty sushi offerings to a lengthy line of hungry diners.

This restaurant does not take bookings, so you may have to wait up for an hour, and the hours aren’t always convenient, but you’ll want to make time for it. The delicious shrimp alone is worth the trip.

8. Toni’s Sushi Bar

 Toni’s Sushi Bar
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Toni’s Sushi Bar

In a town where everything changes and closes, South Beach’s first sushi restaurant has been open since 1987.

Toni’s wood-paneled decor is more classic than old, and it’s snug sunken booths are a charming throwback to when sitting on the floor was acceptable. Plus, they won’t make your legs cramp up after the appetizer.

Throw in some uni, hand rolls, and other nigiri, and you’ve got a fresh, low-cost sushi option that might easily pass for something more costly.


9. Nobu

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Nobu, an internationally renowned brand, has a presence in Miami Beach. This upscale restaurant combines traditional Japanese flavors with a touch of Latin American influence.

The sushi offerings at Nobu are a harmonious blend of classic and innovative creations, making Nobu one of the best sushi restaurants in Miami.

10. Azabu Miami Beach

Azabu Miami Beach
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Azabu Miami Beach

Azabu caters to the selective dinner. The person who prefers to have their seafood shipped directly from Japan and their rice cooked in specially calibrated equipment for the Miami heat and humidity.

While Miami does not participate in the Michelin star ranking system, the food, and service are comparable.

The main dining room offers a large range of sushi and sashimi, as well as a comprehensive Japanese cuisine featuring meat, vegetable, and prepared fish dishes.

If you’re not into raw food, miso cod, and tempura corn are a must. If you’re not, head to the Den, one of Miami’s Michelin-starred restaurants and Azabu’s hidden omakase hideaway.

Since it is a vast room, couples, and small groups can separate to enjoy some privacy while partaking in the communal dining experience.

11. Sokai Sushi Bar

Sokai Sushi Bar
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Sokai Sushi Bar

Sokai Sushi Bar, situated in Coral Gables, offers a vibrant and diverse sushi experience. Their menu includes a wide variety of sushi rolls, sashimi, and nigiri, prepared with fresh and high-quality ingredients.

The cozy atmosphere and attentive service make Sokai Sushi Bar a popular choice for sushi lovers.

12. Matsuri

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For more than 30 years, this wood-paneled jewel on one of Bird Road’s many unassuming strip shops has enticed in-the-know Miamians with fresh, affordable sushi.

Even if you make reservations, expect to wait for a table. Beautifully presented platters of bluefin toro and other premium fish are very reasonably priced here (about $5 compared to its regular rate of $20 per order). Go ahead and indulge.

13. Katsuya

Katsuya, located in the SLS South Beach hotel, offers a contemporary take on sushi.

Helmed by Master Sushi Chef Katsuya Uechi, the restaurant combines classic sushi techniques with innovative touches, creating a menu that caters to diverse palates.

So if desire a sushi treat like no other, head to Katsuya, one of the best sushi restaurants in Miami.

14. Hiden

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For an incredible omakase experience, seek out this top-secret sushi cave in Wynwood. When you make your reservation, you’ll be given a code to enter into the keypad.

Grab a seat at the intimate counter and get ready for multiple courses of the finest fish you’ve ever tasted.

From toro and king salmon to wagyu rib-eye and handrolls, the best of Japan’s seafood and cuisines are prepared to order. Sake is not included in the prix-fixe menu but is recommended.

15. Naoe

Image Source: southbeachmagazine

Naoe, situated in Brickell Key, is a hidden gem known for its authentic Omakase experience.

The intimate restaurant focuses on providing a personalized and traditional sushi journey, showcasing the freshest ingredients and meticulous preparation.

So if you are looking for a perfect romantic dinner spot where you can experience the best sushi possible, try Naoe.


Miami is not only known for its beautiful beaches and vibrant nightlife but also for its exceptional culinary scene.

When it comes to sushi, this city offers a variety of restaurants that cater to sushi lovers seeking top-quality fish and expertly crafted rolls.

Whether you’re a local or a visitor, exploring Miami’s sushi restaurants is a must. This guide has the 15 best sushi restaurants in Miami, where you can get delectable sushi creations.