Sushi Restaurants in Portland

15 Best Sushi Restaurants in Portland

Portland knows its sushi as a city with easy access to high-quality seafood and nationally recognized Japanese cuisine. Portland’s sushi scene has grown in recent years, with exciting and cheap entrants like Fish & Rice and Yoshi’s joining nationally recognized classics like Zilla Sake and Nimblefish. We’ve compiled this list to help you find the best sushi restaurants in Portland. So jump in and let’s explore!

Portland is a nationally known foodie city about an hour from the Pacific Ocean, so it’s no surprise that the city’s sushi selections are both tasty and diverse, with a location for every mood, preference, occasion, and area.


Best Sushi Restaurants in Portland

Below are the 15 top sushi restaurants in Portland. These amazing sushi restaurants cater to every taste, mood, and occasion.

1. Afuri Izakaya

Afuri Izakaya
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Afuri Izakaya

This Japanese chain is well-known for its outstanding ramen prepared with handmade noodles but doesn’t overlook its extensive nigiri menu.


You will enjoy the house-made unagi, and crisp bincho which is wonderfully meaty and gently seasoned, unlike many other places’ overly sugary versions.

They go well with a sake flight or Afuri’s yuzu beer. Dine inside or outside, or order food.

2. Bluefin Tuna & Sushi

Bluefin Tuna & Sushi
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Bluefin Tuna & Sushi

Yes, sushi is lovely, but have you ever thought of it as cute? Bluefin Tuna & Sushi, which first debuted in Seoul in 2011, serves lovely round temari nigiri.

They appear small from above but are packed with just as much fish as a regular nigiri by wrapping the fish around a rice ball.


The fish here is colorful and fatty, and the hand-written labels on takeout boxes make it easy to remember which nigiri is which.

The temari nigiri is best ordered as part of a set, which includes varied nigiri, a basic roll of your choice, miso soup, and a salad topped with zesty tuna pokeā€”all for as low as $22.

3. Departure

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As if the stunning city views from Departure’s west deck weren’t enough, the restaurant’s original Director of Culinary Operations Gregory Gourdet applied his love of healthy eating and aesthetic design to the restaurant’s sushi presentation.

The award-winning date-night favorite provides additional remarkable Asian-inspired dishes in addition to rolls stuffed with smoky radish and fermented chili.

Try the fried rice with a sunny-side-up egg, the Vietnamese duck curry, or the charred carrots with chile, orange, cashew, and sour coconut cream.

4. Syun Izakaya

Syun Izakaya
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Syun Izakaya

Syun, a homely izakaya in Hillsboro, also serves superb sushi. Syun’s artfully laid-out plates of sashimi, liberally chopped, are a big draw, as are its showy maki packed with crab or blanketed with seared scallops.

While there are lots of sushi selections at Syun, the varied plates and donburi, many of which feature raw fish, really stand out.

The Hokkaido chirashi, for example, offers a very artistic array of salmon, scallops, sea urchins, crab, and salmon roe.

5. Nodoguro

Image Source: oregonlive

Nodoguro, situated in the Southeast Portland neighborhood, is an intimate and exclusive sushi restaurant that offers a unique dining experience.

With its focus on omakase-style tasting menus, Nodoguro presents guests with an exquisite selection of seasonal dishes.

The restaurant’s dedication to craftsmanship and attention to detail makes it one of the most sought-after sushi restaurants in.

6. Bamboo Sushi

Bamboo Sushi
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Bamboo Sushi

Bamboo Sushi, with multiple locations in Portland, is a sushi restaurant that prioritizes sustainability and responsible sourcing.

As the first certified sustainable sushi restaurant in the United States, Bamboo Sushi ensures that the seafood they serve is ethically caught and sourced.

Guests can enjoy a variety of sushi options, including creative rolls and nigiri while supporting environmentally conscious practices.

7. Yuubi Sushi

Yuubi Sushi
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Yuubi Sushi

Yuubi, located near the main strip of downtown Beaverton, is one of the greatest sushi restaurants on the West side. Chef Ricky Tam imports bluefin tuna and amberjack from Japan and dry ages the seafood for a rich umami flavor.

Yuubi has a large terrace, but diners who choose indoor seating may see the week’s shipment hanging inside the dry ager.

The restaurant gives a sense of luxury, topping sushi rolls with delicacies such as black truffles and premium uni for those looking for something unique.


8. Koya Sushi

Koya Sushi
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Koya Sushi

This downtown Beaverton sushi restaurant has a large menu full of Japanese classics, interesting appetizers, and sushi.

Although Koya offers a wide variety of rolls, the tempura rolls are the appeal, with options ranging from a surf-and-turf roll with prawns to a lobster roll and seared Kobe beef with avocado.

This restaurant also serves baked sushi with everything from crab to scallops.

9. Nimblefish

Image Source: pdx.eater

Nimblefish, located in the Buckman neighborhood, is a sushi bar known for its commitment to traditional sushi techniques and high-quality ingredients.

With its sleek and minimalist setting, Nimblefish offers an omakase-style experience where the chef curates a personalized sushi journey.

Guests can savor the flavors of expertly crafted nigiri and sashimi in an intimate and authentic atmosphere.

10. Masu Sushi

Masu Sushi
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Masu Sushi

Masu Sushi, located in Central Eastside, is a contemporary sushi restaurant that combines traditional flavors with modern presentations.

The menu at Masu features a variety of sushi rolls, sashimi, and small plates, showcasing the chef’s creativity and culinary expertise.

The restaurant’s vibrant ambiance and innovative menu make it a popular choice among sushi lovers in Portland.

11. Yama Sushi & Sake Bar

Yama Sushi & Sake Bar
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Yama Sushi & Sake Bar

Yama Sushi & Sake Bar, situated in the Hawthorne District, is a neighborhood sushi spot that offers a relaxed and casual dining experience.

The menu at Yama features a variety of sushi rolls, nigiri, and sashimi, made with fresh ingredients and traditional techniques.

With its friendly service and affordable prices, Yama is a popular choice for sushi lovers seeking a laid-back atmosphere.

12. Yoko’s Japanese Restaurant

Yoko's Japanese Restaurant
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Yoko’s Japanese Restaurant

Yoko’s Japanese Restaurant, located in the Northwest District, is a family-owned sushi restaurant that has been serving Portland for over three decades.

With its cozy and welcoming ambiance, Yoko offers a menu that features a variety of classic rolls, nigiri, and sashimi. The restaurant’s commitment to quality and friendly service has earned it a loyal following.

13. Kazumi

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Kazumi is situated at the corner of the St. Johns Beer Porch food cart pod, which was featured in the Nicolas Cage film Pig.

There, sushi chef Kazumi Boyd slices up inventive rolls while her husband John takes phone and in-person orders for what can be a 30-minute wait (if you’re lucky enough to arrive before they’re sold out).

Boyd, who was born in Japan, was keen to become a sushi chef but found it nearly impossible to locate anyone willing to train a woman in either Japan or New York.

She went to Portland after acquiring some experience in NYC, where she worked at sushi Masu and Bamboo.

Her passion shines through in nigiri and inventive, well-executed rolls created with sustainable seafood at Kazumi.

14. Fish & Rice

Fish & Rice
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Fish & Rice

Diners will find a garden’s worth of beautiful plants, reasonably priced sushi, and a carefully picked assortment of wine, sake, artisan beer, and whiskey.

The extensive roll menu serves as the base of the cuisine, but the highlights, which range from yellowtail collar to Miyazaki wagyu nigiri, are usually found on the specials menu.

While some of the rotating options are no longer available, customers can check Instagram for updates on what Fish & Rice is offering on any given day.

15. Murata

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This traditional Japanese jewel is located directly across from Keller Auditorium and serves everything from Japanese hotpot delicacies to house-cured mackerel.

Murata’s main strengths are its sushi sets and fish collections, which allow guests to either give the chef complete control or choose their favorites a la carte. Murata provides both takeout and dine-in service.


Portland’s sushi restaurants offer a range of options for sushi enthusiasts, from traditional flavors to innovative creations.

Whether you’re seeking an intimate omakase experience or a casual spot for a quick bite, these 15 best sushi restaurants in Portland are known for their dedication to quality, creativity, and memorable dining experiences.