Foods That Cause Ear Wax

9 Foods That Cause Ear Wax

One needs to be careful what they eat as there are foods that cause ear wax. It sounds surprising, right? Well, that is the case. While many are ignorant of this fact, we will be showing as you read about the different foods that cause ear wax and how to effectively manage them and live a healthy life.

What more do you know about Ear wax? Ear wax buildup is not only uncomfortable but also embarrassing.


Do you also know that ear wax can also affect the ability to hear and can also cause a range of ear problems. Most people are not aware that their diet can contribute significantly to ear wax production.

So it’s important to note that every individual is different; and they may also responses to these foods differently.


There is noresearch that has established definitive links between diet and earwax.

Amazing Foods That Cause Ear Wax

Below, we are about to give you full detailed information about foods that cause ear wax, and these are foods we eat almost every day.

1. Dairy Products

Image Source: Medical News Today
Dairy Products

Do you know that consuming dairy products such as milk, butter and cheese? Eating them in high quantities can lead to the excessive production of earwax in your ear canals.

This is because dairy foods contain lactose. While lactose doesn’t harm your body, it can adversely affect those with lactose intolerance as they can experience problems, including excessive ear wax.


So, it’s advisable to eat dairy foods in moderation or cut them out entirely with dairy-free products.

2. Alcohol

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One of the foods that cause ear wax is alcohol which is mostly a dehydrating substance which affects the production of earwax, as there is a decrease in ear moisture. This altered state of hydration can lead to the production of more earwax than necessary.

So instead of drinking alcohol, try drinking more water throughout the day. Water is essential for hydration and can help keep your earwax production in check. You can also try drinking herbal tea.

3. Caffeine

Image source: MedlinePlus

You might have been aware that caffeine-rich products like coffee can trigger impacted wax. Now you know, so, when consuming coffee daily, always have in mind to have your ears checked by a specialist to get a micro suction ear wax removal procedure.

4. Gluten

Image Source: Live Science

One of the foods that causes ear wax is gluten, perhaps the most well-known food cause of ear wax build up. It’s found in various foods, including any containing the following: Wheat, Rye, Barley, and Seitan

Although these foods are healthy when eaten in moderation, the naturally occurring gluten found in them can trigger ear wax build up, especially if you have gluten intolerance.

It’s advisable to eat well-processed gluten to lower the chances of earwax build up, but you can also opt for gluten-free food alternatives.


5. Fatty and Oily Foods

Image Source: Diabetes UK
Fatty and Oily Foods

Foods like fried foods, processed snacks, and fatty meats are high in unhealthy fats and have also been purported to increase wax production.

But if you start reducing the amount of unhealthy fat consumed to a balanced diet which includes healthy fats, such as those found in avocados fish and nuts, may potentially make a difference in this regard.

6. Highly Processed Foods / Foods High in Sugar

Image Source: Loyola Medicine
Highly Processed Foods / Foods High in Sugar

I believe you know that consuming excessive amounts of sugary and processed foods is unhealthy and may lead to various health issues, including inflammation.

Then, inflammation in the body can potentially affect the ear canal and its wax-producing mechanisms.

It is advisable to limit one’s intake of sugary treats, processed snacks, and refined carbohydrates, opting for whole foods like fruits, vegetables, and wholegrains instead, regardless of its impact on wax production.

7. Salty Foods

Image Source: Health Digest
Salty Foods

In as much as Salt is a necessary component of our diet, consuming it excessively can contribute to water retention and swelling?

This fluid imbalance may impact the ear canal and its ability to regulate wax production. Choosing low-sodium alternatives where possible can help maintain a healthy balance.

8. Sweet foods

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Sweets Foods

Foods that are high in sugar, particularly chocolate, also increase ear wax build up.

However, consuming a diet high in sugar and processed foods can have negative impacts on overall health, including inflammation and a weakened immune system, which can potentially increase the risk of certain health conditions that may affect ear wax production.


9. An unhealthy diet

Image Source: Livestrong
An Unhealthy Diets

For most people the main cause of excessive earwax production is an unhealthy and unbalanced diet.

Maintaining a balance of essential nutrients and moderating your intake of snacks can improve your overall health and also should reduce the amount of excessive earwax produced.

In conclusion, it’s important to avoid eating these foods that regularly trigger ear wax production in high quantities. Don’t forget that the goal is to have a healthy and balanced diet as it goes a long way in slowing down the rate of ear wax production.